1. Free to shine

    20 questions about the religious cloaking of scientology.

    Terrific article at the Underground Bunker that shows the complex legal religious cloaking in an understandable way. Well worth the read, especially the chart at the end...
  2. JBWriter

    CO$ Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)

    A post on another thread this evening about non-disclosure agreements prompted me to search for any that have been posted here at ESMB. I didn't find one in my search and don't recall seeing any in the many threads/posts I've read so far. Has anyone a link to a thread/post here that contains...
  3. rafagomezd

    CSI threats Bluehost and Fastdomain. Why?

    Last weeks have been quite a week. Suddenly my personal blog was taken down by bluehost, the action? Bluehost turned off from hosting a server who was the main host for domain. I have a subdomain there Raf's Blog and Xscientology gave to several exmembers a free subdomain but it...
  4. A

    link for Paul Morantz article : Escape from L Ron Hubbard Way Just found this :) Morantz is a US lawyer specializing in cults and brainwashing . He wrote this article in July 2011 . If the link doesnt work check out his site
  5. S

    COS Refund-- Is their argument about package rate legal?

    I'm trying to get my money back from the church. It has been arduous journey :banghead: and now they are saying that because I had brought my auditing with a package rate, I don't have rights to my whole amount that they only owe me half, they cite the policy: . The org says that when I...
  6. AnonKat

    ANONSPARROW deserves caps. Brians Epic Youtube: :thumbsup: