1. TrevAnon

    List of accounts of Scientology Disconnection Policy

    Didn't know exactly where to put it, so move if inappropriate. For a few months there has now been a list of accounts of the disconnection policy, put together by Anonymous. By now over 300 documented accounts from people speaking out about it using their real name. :omg: If you want your...
  2. What's It All About

    NY Times lists 137 online articles on scientology from 1997 to April 20, 2013 A consolidated list, in case anyone wants an overview of their coverage. They seem to go as far back as 1997.​
  3. AnonyMary

    Debbie Cook and The Big Email List

    According to Marty, Debbie Cook never had possession of the big email list. So, if it wasn't her list, that means she never emailed any of those people on it. If so, then who did? Was the person or persons who did sent out her email willing to stand up and take responsibility in court in...