1. D

    Proof Ron was MURDERED

    I know things like this pop up all the time...but the story of this is quite remarkable. If only I had $1,600. I'd hop on this. I wrote the guy and he has the original receipt and the photographs used to create this. What makes it even more intriguing is that this proves Hubbard was murdered! He...
  2. O

    Found this quote about spirituality combined with narcissism

    I ran across this quote in a book (title below) about a sociologist's study of monks and holy men within eastern orthodox Christianity, mostly Greek orthodox, as far as I know. I thought it was relevant. How would Scientology have been different if LRH had had attitudes of personal humility and...
  3. lotus

    Hubbard's gifts for christmas (staff)

    Lrh was truly generous for staff who work for pennies a week! 1) there was only very few CSW approved for spending Christmas eve or day with our family. Per LRH HCOPL there would be production and one would be responsible for stat crashing in his area So it was mandatory the staff...
  4. C

    Affirmations - new Wikipedia article

    I've written a new Wikipedia article on Hubbard's notorious "Affirmations" - something which I've been itching to cover for years. It's at Enjoy!
  5. Anonycat

    Command Channels of Scientology

    Command Channels of Scientology.
  6. Anonycat

    Can We Ever Be Friends?

    Can We Ever Be Friends? Audio:
  7. jojo

    Does Anybody Remember...

    When staff were not allowed to converse with students and the only communication allowed was quoting LRH? I have a very clear recollection of being on course in the early 80's and that was the rule. I was so put off by this that I threatened my course sup that if she didn't talk to me like a...
  8. scino

    L Ron Hubbard, the scientist.

    There aren't many scientists in Scientology. I am not implying that scn is wrong or unscientific ( or the contrary for that matter ) just that it hasn't much followers in the scientific community. People with a non-scientific education ( including chiropractors and dentists who were trained...
  9. outlawgal

    The Old Man Died Like Simon Bolivar. How'd that happen?

    He was alone, out in the desert in a small trailer. The last photo of him is heart-breaking. Autopsy found anti-psychotic drugs in his blood. That means he must have been really scared. No one deserves to die like that. It was his worst fear to die like that, right? His biggest hero was Simon...
  10. The Great Zorg

    Nitty Gritty Down-and-Dirty Scientology Poll

    Here's the dividing line at ESMB, a chance to look at how many camps are here. I will try and set the poll results as private so no one can see who voted on what, to avoid complications. The poll: Does Scientology Work? This poll will close in 30 days.
  11. G

    Bill Frank's story about brainwashing (thread merge)

    Here is my story about brainwashing As you know I have tried unsuccessfully to get this posted elsewhere. I have tried also to tell this story many times since it occurred to me that it might be helpful, but it does not seem to be of interest or there is a lot of apathy out there which is...
  12. Nicole

    Church of Scientology erasing Nibs and burning books
  13. AnonKat

    Pro-LRH tech community
  14. AnonKat

    The Initial Start Up Of WISE

    nancy many | August 30, 2010 at 1:39 pm |
  15. mnql1

    Genesis of Russia's ban on LRH works

    Translation of a July 21, 2010 Russian article from Portal-Credo.Ru, a website dedicated to news about religion. This translation was 80 per cent done when Portal-Credo.Ru posted an English translation of its own on July 29, 2010, but I finished the translation anyway. The "official"...
  16. mnql1

    Russia's list of LRH "extremist" works

    The Russian Federation's official list of prohibited extremist materials is available online (in Russian): This list contains 29 items by L. Ron Hubbard, numbered 632 to 660. Three of the 29 items are possibly duplicates (642 and 655, 645...
  17. Blue Spirit

    MAYO on LRH's Case & OT-3 & NOTS

    These two pages came into my email. They give a good evaluation of the subjects of the title: These prove to me from probably the best tech guy that...
  18. Happy Aberree

    LRH and G.A.T.

    I was just wondering, with the advent of Golden Age of Tech etc, that most all trained scientologists have had to re-do their levels and also some processing levels too. And that would include even old-timers who were around when LRH was around. And that would even include scientologists who LRH...