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  1. bts2free

    Banned from MartyLand

    In reply to one of Marty's latest blogs entitled: Ground Zero for the Future of Scientology, I posted my concern about the new Indy movement and the fact that Marty and Rinder are essentially running it. Well, Marty only allowed a partial segment of my comment to go through and then...
  2. anonomog

    “Our Goal Is To Make Marty’s Life A Living Hell”

    In the latest episode of Days of Our Lives Marty's Blog there is a link to an article about a non-sci Squirrel Buster videographer who supposedly wants the world to know that he is not a Scientologist and he now wants to help Marty...
  3. Z

    Praise for Scamizdat on Marty's blog

    Praise for Scamizdat on Marty's blog. The following may be of interest to the OG of the First Internet Intifada against the Church of Scientology during the ARS days. Ironically, the "Copyright Terrorists" of...
  4. Smurf

    Cult releases new smear video on Rathbun, Rinder & Beghe..

    Love the guy that waves the .45 at Freedumb reporter, Jim Lynch... yeah, that's going to help matters..
  5. Z

    Marty: Crowdsource new Squirrel Busters

    Marty: Crowdsource new Squirrel Busters ID the Benchwarmers Contest
  6. Z

    Marty: California state sales tax fraud? New Person out: Marlene Toole

    Marty: California state sales tax fraud? New Person out: Marlene Toole
  7. Z

    Marty: IAS Freedom Medal winner homeless

    Marty: IAS Freedom Medal winner homeless IAS Atrocities (Part One) - Dennis Clark
  8. Z

    Marty: More Squirrel Busting (With Video!)

    Miscavige’s Jonestown Cult Escalates
  9. Z

    From Marty: Pay Your Freeloader Debt At A Discount!

    From Marty: Pay Your Freeloader Debt At A Discount! Miscavige Reform Relevant excerpt: Background comment:
  10. Z

    I found this of interest on Marty's site.

    I found the following of interest on Marty's site. Not because it discloses any particular exciting facts or events, but because of the fact that Marty posted it, and because it confirms an observation I've seen articulated on WWP...
  11. Z

    Marty: Placido Domingo Jr. vs. COS Facebook Police

    Marty: Placido Domingo Jr. vs. Cult Facebook Police Wikipedia: Placido Domingo Jr.ácido_Domingo_Jr.
  12. elwood

    Marty's Neighbors

    If you want to read marty's blog you'll have to go there. I won't post it for him. However, his latest is a "must read". It seems the Ingleside-on-the-Bay (IOB) City Council passed an ordinance requiring film crews to obtain a permit to film in IOB...
  13. Z

    Marty: Open Letter to Residents of Ingleside on the Bay Texas

    Marty: Open Letter to Residents of Ingleside on the Bay Texas
  14. degraded being

    Marty puts up large list of Scientology Spies. You can access the list from the Rat hole. 'bout time he sacred that Karen is going to get more COS busting stats than he is? Edit: Actually here is the limk to the list, hope it hasn't got some filthy computer...
  15. AnonKat

    Beghe, Moltavo, Rathbun and the Law
  16. Emma

    99 Problems - Marty's new video
  17. OTBT

    Marty's f*ckheaded sycophants promise to deliver Purif EP in *1 week*

    DM, meet Marty's dipshits. Marty's dipshit friends, meet DM's high priced lawyers. Let the end games of total scorched earth annihilation begin. (I love popcorn) (Emma, don't have a heart attack, these are not copyrighted images or docs) LMFAO 1 week to both study Elron's paranoid...
  18. Z

    Marty: Rolling Radical Scientology Rats

    Marty: Rolling Radical Scientology Rats
  19. AnonKat

    Ralph Hilton - ESMB member Ralph Hilton | May 14, 2011 at 11:15 pm | Reply
  20. Free to shine

    Rathbun's real opinions - if you care

    Personally I don't care, however after initial hopes he would produce evidence and documents etc to expose scientology, he states what he really feels. Just so you know. There's more, if your stomach can take it:
  21. Terril park

    Marty, Wherefror art though?

    This is taken from Glen Samuels Blog. Glen was on the first NOTs course, was one of the first to be a class VIII case cracker, Done real quick with no big reg nonsense, and has done L's. Worked with LRH. He is a senior C/S for Pat and Ray Kreniks Elma group and other...
  22. me myself & i

    For Marty & Mike: Would an International Blanket Amnesty Help ?...

    ….with the Reformation of the COS? I understand the statute of limitations has already provided an enormous amount of refuge, so to speak, for Mr. Miscaviage and perhaps numerous of his prior (& or current) associates/assistants. Speaking in terms of criminal activities no longer prosecutable...
  23. NCSP

    Gawker Picks Up the Squirrel Busters Story

    I haven't been around much lately -- finals are coming quick! -- but just saw this.!5794223/meet-the-bizarre-scientology-stalking-squad It's a pretty good summation. Also, there's video from the Squirrel Busters themselves. I have to say: I hope Marty wins this one...
  24. T

    Marty gets a visit from SQUIRREL BUSTERS!!!!!

    OT VIII John Allender and Goon Squad Raid Marty's Place This just in! This morning (April 18, 2011) OT VIII P.I. John Allender and his goon squad of P.I.'s showed up on Marty's property in Corpus Christi, Texas with what looks like some kind of intimidation attempt and a failed attempt to...
  25. P

    Marty claim Hubbard is source to NOT’ s not Mayo!

    Deconstructing the Mayo Myth by Marty Rathbun
  26. Alanzo

    Marty Rathbun's OSA Investigations Hat Pack

    This is the OSA Investigations Full Hat Checksheet which Mike Rinder and Marty Rathbun had all their juniors study to become "fully hatted" in the section of the Church of Scientology that they ran for 25 years. This checksheet is not available to regular scientologists, and many have no idea...
  27. HelluvaHoax!

    Betrayal after Trust or Betrayal after Tech?

    It is still astonishing to me how it is possible for a Scientologist to make a passionately defiant escape from the Church of Scientology and yet cling mightily to the Tech, long after they are safely outside the confines of the prison complex. After a jailbreak, aren't prisoners supposed to...
  28. johnAnchovie

    an - other? - open leter to Marty Rathburn

    This is to Marty Rathburn and the many ex cult people that have found refuge within organisation that has formed around him over the past couple of years. It is written with respect, and I hope it is received in the same spirit in which it has been written. Because I feel very strongly...
  29. AnonKat

    Attempted Suppression of Freedom of the Press

    Inb4 nobody gives a..... WWP:
  30. Alanzo

    1st Hand LRH Stories: Marty is Terrified of ESMB In this morning's comments: We'll see if he posts my latest comment above.