1. C

    Film student seeking interviews

    Hi all, My name is Claire and I am a student making a documentary about the church of Scientology. I'm exploring the church itself, the people who left, and what initially drew them to join. I'm posting here to reach out to you guys, the people who joined Scientology and then ultimately left. I...
  2. B

    Sydney Morning Herald researching leaving scientology

    Hi everyone, My name is Ben I am a journalist with the Sydney Morning Herald in Australia. I am trying to write a story on how people go about leaving extremist groups and am interested in the practicals of how people leave. Would love to speak to anyone who may have self-deprogrammed verses...
  3. Albion

    New Birmingham Ideal Org: any local ex-members out there?

    Hi folks, Posting here as I don't see a recent thread on this. As I'm now based in Birmingham, looking to contact anyone involved in the Birmingham protest next weekend -- but also any local ex-members, or folk who have worked at the Birmingham org. I want to do a series of stories, starting...
  4. F

    Looking for anyone willing to be interviewed and recorded

    Hi! I'm currently studying media at Dickson College in Canberra, and my major assignment is to produce a short radio broadcast. I am doing an information piece on Scientology, and I am looking for people willing to be interviewed. Questions asked will be along the lines of why people join...
  5. S


    Do you fear someone you know is in a cult? Sky Vision Productions are currently developing a new TV documentary series looking at cults in the UK. We are looking for families and friends who believe a loved one is currently affected by a cult. If you believe you know someone who is in a cult...
  6. kao

    The amazing cover of National Enquirer today!

    :thumbsup: click to make larger.
  7. G

    Interview for a College Freshmen

    Hi, I'm looking for someone to interview over the phone, in person, or Skype about the Church's media presence. I am a freshman at the University of Denver. If anyone is available, please private message me. Thank you!
  8. Free to shine

    Media now that the HBO documentary has aired

    The threads we have are already way long ... this thread is intended for the media coverage after Going Clear has been aired and the brakes are off for the media! Except for that constant word "church", a good article...
  9. helatrobus

    Today in Quatro (spanish television)

    Report about Scientology in spanish television today 9/30/2014 - 22:30 Madrid hour in Quatro. Greetings
  10. T

    Danish Documentary looking for x-scientologists

    Dear exscn - forum! I'm a Danish Documentary maker who's currently researching for a major documentary about Scientology in Denmark and abroad. (My name is confidential so far, du to worry that Scientology also read this post. My contact information will be public if you choose to work with...
  11. AnonAkuma

    Scientology is trying to get Robert Pattinson?

    Found a german article in a "livestyle magazine": The original seems to be not-available in all countrys: here is another one...
  12. Infinite

    New TV Advertisement for Scientology
  13. Infinite

    Media Censorship in DC?

    The has deleted a brief blog post supporting Washington DC Anon protesters. Google cache came to the rescue so here's the article as it originally appeared on November 20: TheCelebrityCafe claims to be the longest running internet entertainment site and boasts a...
  14. Ulf K. Maier

    Offer of information to genuine OSA operatives

    Hello, all :hattip: If any OSA operative lurking in or posting to this board reveals her/himself to the group as an OSA operative, with credible evidences to the same (IP addresses, inside info only OSA could know etc.), I will: *post my full name, address and phone number on this board *pay...