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  1. Emma

    A cup of tea with the Lord Mayor of Melbourne

    You might remember when the Melbourne Idle Morg opened in Melbourne a few weeks ago, the Lord Mayor Robert Doyle addressed the crowd and gave the new building and the cult his blessings This was heavily criticised by Melbourne radio & TV stations and also by Nick Xenophon. Nick went on record...
  2. Free to shine

    Herald Sun Inside Melbourne Idle Org :)

    Excellent article: I originally quoted only part of the article, but those who don't like links need to read this. Those who do - go Comment on the site. :)
  3. scooter

    Article on Melbourne's Idle Morgue Has some quite delightful lines in it.
  4. fnx3

    Melbourne Lord Mayor attends event

    Just read this in internet news: Melbourne Lord mayor attends event
  5. Blown in ANZO

    Melbourne Org, a Disaster in the Making.

    Cheryl Wickens has been the CO of Melbourne day since the early '90s, she and her mean eyed husband have been there on garrison duty since being banished from the SO for having children many years ago. She was the ED of the same org back in the '80s too before joining the SO in a fit of...