1. Free to shine

    Scientology ties to 'super city' in Melbourne?

    Bloody 'ell.
  2. Emma

    Melbourne Org musical tribute to the IAS (puke)

    Melbourne Org are at it again. This video has been taken down from Youtube so I can't embed the link (you'll have to click it). I know all these people. Most of them are the teenage kids of long term staffers.
  3. Zhent

    MELBOURNE Org Newsletter/Promo Leak Thread

    Welcome to the golden age of leaks. Are you interested in seeing whats happening inside Melbourne Ideal Org? Seeing a well oiled propaganda machine in motion? Being shocked at how unbelievably out of touch with reality the modern Scientology cult is? Enjoy analysing any leaks from the inside...
  4. Zhent

    Leak: Melbourne Staff 2011 (LOTS OF IMAGES)

    Warning: This thread may take a while to load, if you are on dial-up or have a slow computer give up now! An incomplete list of Melbourne Ideal Org (Day & FDN) staff and relevant promo. Warning: Wall of promo may make some nauseous. Really tragic to see so many young people on this...
  5. Zhent

    ANZO NYE event leak and current scene (Sydney & Melbourne & Perth)

    You are probably a bit distracted with a certain other leak... but here is some news from ANZO. Sydney first: Wow, sure looks like Sydney is having a good time! Highest ever attendees! Highest ever since the last event I guess? They employed some clever photography, but a close look reveals...
  6. S

    MELBOURNE - Main Raid : 20/8/2011- Doing something Different

    What are we doing different you ask?? Organising this THREE WEEKS BEFORE THE RAID!!! I bet you thought it would be something cool . Talking about something cool if any anon's out there can think of anything that would make things my enjoyable by all mean post them up. The raids are always...
  7. Free to shine

    Becoming Free to Shine, my story

    I have been working on a blog now for a while and have enough posts to give a reasonable read. It has been a journey already with a few hiccups along the way as the process of writing raised issues. However the purpose is really to let others know that they are not alone in the challenges...
  8. gridlock

    Melbourne, March 12th, 2010

    This is a call out to all ex-scientologists in Melbourne. We need you. You escaped the cult, but we need your help to stop other people from getting sucked in. We need your help to get other people out. If you're able to, please, come to the protest on the 12th. At least to the Ascot Vale...
  9. gridlock

    Video of a Speech from Melbourne Protest (12th February) Speech by Epic of Melbourne Anonymous. Bourke Street, Melbourne. February 12, 2011.
  10. gridlock

    Melbourne Anti-Scientology Facebook Page

    Melbourne Anonymous has created this facebook page to help keep people informed about the protests, events going on regarding Scientology and the fight against Scientology, etc. Privacy is ensured due to facebook's new Page layout where the list of who likes it if private. Thankfully...
  11. gridlock

    Melbourne: 12th of February. (hitting Ascot Vale again)

    Protest on Saturday, 12th of February. Sorry, once again, for the late notice. The event was only created a few hours ago and has gotten alot of attention. :D
  12. Free to shine

    Melbourne Idle Org Opening Thread Merge Check the link for the video on the opening of Melbourne org tomorrow. Reasonably balanced from ACA. The locals have been invited to come see what it's all about, they seem more concerned about parking. :D
  13. mate

    David Miscavige's Arrival in Australia

    We could well have a unique opportunity with the arrival of David Miscavige to open Melbourne's Ideal Org. The unique opportunity is that with his presence here in Melbourne, we could have him served with subpoenas for fraud by those who feel they have been ripped off financially, for...
  14. AnonKat

    The Brain That Changes - Norman Doidge

    Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
  15. gridlock

    ITS COMING! Protest [melb] 18th September (now is the time to step up)

    We need you more than ever ex-scn. You know the way things are these days better than anyone else, and how important it is to show our distaste for the crimes of the cult. You know first hand how important it is for people to go out there and educate others so no one else gets dragged in. You...
  16. gridlock

    Melbourne: 17th of July - WE NEED YOU EXSCN

    Hey everyone, Melbourne Anonymous are back again, ready and willing to protest against the crimes of Organised Scientology. I'm sure all of you saw Scientology being questioned in parliament last week, and I'm sure (hoping at least) all of you want to see Scientology fail the Public...
  17. gridlock

    Melbourne: June 19th Protest

    Hello everyone! Many MANY thanks to everyone who made it to the last protest. It was the biggest, most energetic anti-scientology protest Melbourne has seen for so long. Thanks to Paul Schofield, Free To Shine, and our other lovely ex-scientologist for coming. It was the icing on the delicious...
  18. gridlock

    MELBOURNE - May 15th Protest

    We've been advertising this protest all around the place and spreading the news about the upcoming protest. The feedback has been great and the interest shown has been amazing. This May, Melbourne Anonymous brings you another protest of epic proportions. This month, we will be hitting...
  19. gridlock

    Melbourne: Saturday April 17th (Protest Scientology & Fair Game)

    In light of the assault which took place in Melbourne against a protester last Saturday and the news of many other protesters getting assaulted across the world, Melbourne Anonymous' next protest against the Church of Scientology will be focusing on Fair Game. We are requesting all...
  20. gridlock

    Melbourne :: March 13th (L Ron Hubbards Birthday Bash)

    To celebrate the birthday of the L Ron Hubbard and his super-magic wonderpants, Melbourne Anonymous will be having another epic celebratory raid. Party hats not optional. ;) Date: 13th of March, 2010 Time: 12.00 - 7:00pm (rough estimate for finale) Meet up: Flinders Street Station at 12.00...
  21. gridlock

    Melbourne: 13th of February (Celebration + Raid)

    Hey my lovely ex-scientologist friends :) Hope that you're enjoying a cult free new year and that February is being friendly to you all. Just letting you guys know that in Melbourne on the 13th of February, we're having another protest! We'd really REALLY love to have you guys along, so if...
  22. gridlock

    ATTENTION all Melbourne ExScientologists

    Greetings Everyone; I'm Kenji, one of the Melbanon Organisers. I'd like to take this opportunity to invite every ex scientologist in Melbourne (and anyone else who can make it) to come to the next protest in Melbourne. Without you, the effort we have made would be in vain. We're doing...
  23. gridlock

    Protest: MELBOURNE: 23rd January 2010

    Happy new year you lovely and awesome ex-scientologists! :D Kenji from Melbanon here letting you know of another protest against the Church of Scientology which will be happening in Melbourne this month. We've been doing this for almost two years now, (oh my), and in the past few months our...
  24. Carmel

    Today/Tonight exposes school financially supporting Melbourne Ideal Org.

    Can someone record and post? - It's set to a be a beauty!
  25. gridlock

    Melbourne: December 19th Protest

    After the awesome, awesome, awesome raid here in November where epic ex-scientologist Paul Schofield showed up, we will be continuing the fight once more. Our last raid was perhaps the most successful raid we have had in a hell of a long time, perhaps even (if i dare say so myself), EVER...