1. Albion

    How Many Scientologists? Seeking official data and unofficial versions

    Some of you may know I launched a data journalism project over at Tony's site a few weeks ago, seeking official scientology claims for their membership over the years. Here's how I explained it then. I'm still taking offers, particularly any numbers from: Scientology books Scientology...
  2. L

    How many left?

    Anyone got numbers on estimated number of members left in U.S.A. or worldwide??
  3. Scn.Hun

    Scientology's condition: Danger in Hungary

    According to the Hungarian Tax Office the number of Scientologists in Hungary are declining.:bigcry: It's a pity because Hungary was supposed to be the first Clear country. It's a pity because Budapest Org won the Birthday Game in 2002 and all seemed to be so great back then. It's a pity...