1. O

    A different kind of FreeZone Story

    I've never been in a org longer than an hour. Actually, I've only been in one, once, for a tour. And that's it. They didn't do anything to turn me away from them. If I had the money, I'd be with them. But I don't. The closest org is two hours away, for 750$ for a 36 hour block (subject to...
  2. AnonKat

    My Super Seven needs a new clock. MarkNR at Marty's
  3. X

    Where can I get an E-Meter?

    So, I am currently a newbie regarding Scio stuff. I've taken a few courses, but nothing too serious. Anyway, I have been searching for a while, with no avail, for an e-meter that I can actually afford. Does anyone know where I could get an emeter for around 100 bucks or less? any help would be...
  4. B

    Unmetered Grades

    Hi everyone, I wanted to ask if it was possible to audit the grades (ARC/SW - Grade IV and Power, Power Plus) off the meter? and if so does anyone have any experience of this, either as an auditor or pc? did a quick search for this but only found little snippets of answers and a two hour...
  5. D

    1st post

    Hello. I'm FRESH out of Scn. Div 6 Exec for four years, Flag trained on PTS/SP evolution... Scn DRD, Pro-Sup, PSS etc... MAN! Its good to be back home.... It was the politics that did it for me. The basic routes onto the bridge are almost forgivable in that they generally help people. But of...
  6. B

    Looking for a Meter

    Im looking to get an e-meter as cheaply as possible. Ideally Im looking for a Mark VII Quantum, but if anyone has any recommendations they are more than welcome :thumbsup: Any suggestions as to where I can get a cheap meter? (ive tried ebay but theyre still very pricey :melodramatic:)