mind control

  1. Orglodyte 2

    Withholds, relationships and self-inflicted mind control

    I've been out of Scientology for over 20 years, and I think I have untied most of the knots it tied in my mind. But a few days ago I ran across a beauty, and laughed as hard as I have in a long time. (Well, not counting certain episodes of Flight of the Conchords.) I often find myself in agony...
  2. Free to shine

    Survival Rundown (SRD) as ultimate mind control

    I hope this really is end days and that the few left in scientology who can still think at all leave before completing this. http://tonyortega.org/2015/05/08/a-voice-from-inside-the-church-of-scientology-yes-the-survival-rundown-drives-you-insane/ Jeff Hawkins sums it up nicely...
  3. Albion

    Infinite Complacency on human trafficking

    Just kicked off a short series of human trafficking with a piece looking at a recent case out of London that suggests police are not familiar with cultic abuse. The first piece does not deal directly with Scientology, but I should get to that next time around... Invisible Handcuffs British...
  4. PinkyandTheGrey

    DMSMH or O/W Write-Up ???

  5. Ogsonofgroo

    Stripping the Gurus~Geoffry Falk

    On-line PDF version HERE Mr. Falk takes a walk on the weird side :omg: I've been jumping around the chapters a bit but figure I'm 3/4 through it, been a very entertaining read thus far, Geof is a good writer and has done his research. Though there is a short scientology chapter (#14, quite...
  6. P

    Hello to all you ex-Scientologists

    I am a new member here, though I have been lurking around for awhile. I've never been a Scientologist, fortunately for me.... However I have always taken a keen interest in Scientology ever since I first knew of it, round about the early 70's. When I read DMSMH it seduced me at first, and then...
  7. AnonKat

    Auditing Process is Mind Control ???

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4ALoW_yppI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9EdvGzMNej8 Uses youtube account: http://www.youtube.com/user/4G3NTanon