1. Isene

    The Scientology Mindset

    Not news here, but rather another angle/iteration that may help some in waking up: Blog post (with pics and emphasis etc): http://isene.me/2013/10/03/the-scientology-mind-set/ Content: There is enough to say about the Scientology mindset to write a book about it. But I will be brief...
  2. Isene

    Did Scientology have a positive impact on their lives?

    I took a step back and looked at the impact Scientology has had on 50 close friends and connections. I grouped them into positive/neutral/negative impact, got help from Anette in beutifying the charts and did a blog post on the results. Since the charts are essential, I didn't just copy the blog...
  3. Isene


    I wrote this blog post, but the replies to the post was the most interesting. Link: http://isene.me/2013/07/20/hope/ Blog post: