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  1. Intelligence

    A Sneak Peek into Hell: Why Narconon Must be Stopped

    Cross Post from WWP: Over the past few days, I have received messages from three ex-Narconon students, including two attempted suicides.:bigcry: This came in two days ago while I was...
  2. M

    Shirley Gilliam Talks about the loss of her son Gabriel Graves at Narconon

    A pretty recently uploaded video: Bert Leahy interviewing Shirley Gilliam.
  3. GreyWolf

    An interview with the stars of the Suppressa Palooza Tour

    On Sep 2, 2013, I was fortunate to interview David Love, Burt Leahy and Colin Henderson after their successful Suppressa Palooza Tour. In case you missed it, here it is. Thanks Rob
  4. GreyWolf

    Remembering Kyle Brennan

    Still so many un answered questions. Remembering Kyle Brennan - Click here for Audio. Thank you. Rob
  5. CommunicatorIC

    Jacob Joseph Heider, a Narconon Recruiting Specialist, died due to a heroin overdose

    Jacob Joseph Heider (1987-2014), a Recruiting Specialist for Narconon, died due to a heroin overdose. Gazette Xtra: Jacob Joseph Heider, Los Angeles, CA/formerly Milton, WI (1987-2014) Excerpts:
  6. Intelligence

    Attorney For Families Who Died At Narconon Speaks Out About Latest Controversy

    ***BREAKING NEWS*** NEWS 9 TV in Oklahoma - - Posted: Mar 10, 2013 9:43 PM MDT - - News Broadcast (VIDEO) and Story: SNIP: MORE HERE...
  7. Intelligence

    Narconon Arrowhead and the Story of Colin Henderson’s Courage MUCH MORE HERE: VIDEO EMBEDDED IN ARTICLE...
  8. Intelligence

    Dangerous Cult of Narconon — Scientology Drug Rehab SNIPS: MUCH MORE HERE: .
  9. Intelligence

    Canada, USA, and Belgium Take on Scientology 2013

    Society | Media Release Media Release: Canada, USA, and Belgium Take on Scientology 2013 Submitted - Jan 01, 2013 - 09:44 AM SNIPS: MORE HERE...
  10. Intelligence

    Narconon of Georgia - State Intends to Revoke its License

  11. Intelligence

    Scientologists Are Trying to Brainwash Dalston's Hipsters SNIPS: MUCH-MUCH MORE HERE:
  12. Intelligence

    Narconon of Georgia Faces Protesters Today SNIPS: “There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest.” ― Elie Wiesel Public outcry from across North America, has once again...
  13. Intelligence

    Narconon Georgia Board of Directors Attacks Anonymous SNIPS: MUCH MORE HERE: .
  14. Intelligence

    Thirty 911 Calls from Narconon Arrowhead in One Year SNIP: MORE HERE: .
  15. Intelligence

    Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed Against Narconon Arrowhead and Dr. Gerald Wootan SNIP: MORE HERE: .
  16. Intelligence

    Whistleblower Links Georgia Narconon To Scientology

    Published on Oct 3, 2012 by Intelligenceplus October 3, 2012 - Lucas Catton told Flesicher he knows the Narconon drug treatment program better than almost anyone. He went through it as a student, and then rose to be become president of the Flagship Arrowhead facility in Oklahoma. "Is it what it...
  17. AnonyMary

    Deaths at Narconon Arrowhead spur two more lawsuits

    The families and estates of Gabriel Graves and Stacy Dawn Murphy are filing lawsuits against Narconon Oklahoma ( and others) next week. More evidence found in Graves death. Sent to OK OSBI. Pending Medical Examiner reviews, invesigation will be sent to Pittsburg Co OK DA. More in todays news...
  18. Intelligence

    Narconon Arrowhead - Court Ordered to Hand Over Documents MORE HERE:
  19. Intelligence

    Rock Center Narconon Deaths Report 16th August I was on the phone to the Producer today - - then went to my old computer and retreived Dox that their Lawyer were concerned about...
  20. Intelligence

    Big Pharma Blamed For Troubles of Scientology's Narconon Rehabs MORE HERE: .
  21. Intelligence

    Scientology Drug Rehab Corruption & Fraud LOTS MORE HERE: .
  22. Intelligence

    Axxiom For Liberty Radio Show with Colin Henderson and David Edgar Love

    July 27, 2012 - (Part One) Axxiom For Liberty Radio Show with Colin Henderson and David Edgar Love - Exposing Narconon Arrowhead in Oklahome following four patient deaths at the Scientology Rehab center. July 27, 2012 (Part Two) - Axxiom For...
  23. Intelligence

    Two Hour Radio Show Tonight - Narconon EXPOSE

    Tonight, July 27, 2012 at: 7:30 pm Montreal Time - Colin Henderson and David Love in a Narconon Arrowhead EXPOSE. Two (2) Hour LIVE Show
  24. Intelligence

    Arrowhead - CARF Conflict of Interest - Corruption? MORE:
  25. N

    Every addict who enters Narconon’s doors is being denied legitimate treatment.

    The decision to write this post took a long time. It’s a long post too. First off, I am not a scientologist or ex-scientologist. I understand a lot about the Co$ as I have been following news about it for several years now. After you read this, you'll see why. Unfortunately, I have to...
  26. Dilettante

    David Love Backed By Big Pharma & Anonymous - LOL

    David, You stud, you! That's got to be better than an sp declare! So, what they are saying is that you are a tulpa created by big pharma and the media. You are a dream come true. Wow.