1. Wants2Talk

    Daily Mail - Janis Grady xso story EXCLUSIVE: She was Scientology royalty, serving as L Ron Hubbard's 'Commodore Messenger', but Janis Grady tells how an excoriating rant by leader David Miscavige over lack of preparation for a visit from Tom Cruise made her flee the church.
  2. G

    Bill Frank's story about brainwashing (thread merge)

    Here is my story about brainwashing As you know I have tried unsuccessfully to get this posted elsewhere. I have tried also to tell this story many times since it occurred to me that it might be helpful, but it does not seem to be of interest or there is a lot of apathy out there which is...
  3. AngeloV

    Anonymous "entheta" news

    A Nebraska man has been sentenced to a year in federal prison for his role in a cyber attack on the Church of Scientology's websites two years ago.
  4. Snow White

    **NEW** Documentary!!! Scientology: The Ex-Files

    Not sure if this is already common knowledge, but I just stumbled across this and it seems as though it was just published a few days ago. Here's the link on youtube: :clap:
  5. V

    Adelaide, South Australia Org News?

    I apologise if this has already been discussed but, is there any news regarding the org in South Australia?