organized crime

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    Canada, USA, and Belgium Take on Scientology 2013

    Society | Media Release Media Release: Canada, USA, and Belgium Take on Scientology 2013 Submitted - Jan 01, 2013 - 09:44 AM SNIPS: MORE HERE...
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    beware of scientologists Suzanne Marotti and Alicia Marotti

    Beware of these 2 people. They ILLEGALLY stole the inheritance of James Jones who is living on disability and has a heart condition. James Jones is Suzanne Marotti's own brother who did everything for her in the world then she stole 680,000 from him. There is a lawsuit pending. After he went to...
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    Need talking points to counter "Why don't they go to law enforcement?"

    When I talk to civic and religious leaders about the cult and the damage it does to individuals I often get a blank look and the question "Why don't they go to law enforcement? I am looking for some talking points to counter that response. My main response is: 1. Law enforcement often...