paul haggis

  1. JBWriter

    Leah Remini - Paul Haggis' Letter of Support - Scientology Fails Again - July 2013

    Straight from The Hollywood Reporter... A bit of background... Hey, OSA, get ready for your close-up because you've been called out... The MU's below for David Miscavige and Co$ mgmt are "integrity" and...
  2. ILove2Lurk

    Lawrence Wright's "Going Clear" on New York Times Bestseller List!

    Lawrence Wright's new book January release date You heard it here first, of course. :coolwink: This is not BPI by Random House as yet, AFAIK. :omg: Two possible book titles so far but looks like a January release date for the hardback and ebook: Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood And...
  3. NCSP

    The Paul Haggis Article Is Here! ETA: Best piece of writing on Scientology I have ever read. Period. And I've read them all. This will be bigger than the 'Time' article.