1. TG1

    Scientology Staff and Public Caste Systems

    An ESMB friend and I were talking recently about back the day when we were living in the World of Scientology. She was Sea Org, and I was public. While we were chatting, she said that when she was staff she “never liked public.” She went on to say that “... and if you think staff didn’t...
  2. Jim Little

    Is the St Louis Org at the breaking point?

    Do we have any St Louis Org staff or public lurking here because you finally applied the doubt formula? Are you finally at your breaking point with the endless fundraising for donations which they are now calling gifts? Its hard to resolve your doubts and confusions because you are not...
  3. Jim Little

    Message To The St Louis Org 2012

    Dear Staff & Public of the St Louis Org, Its been 1 year and 9 months since our family resigned from your organization, and 1 year and 5 months since you declared us suppressive people, and told all the members of your organization to stop associating with us in any way. Then almost a year...
  4. T

    Co$ loses *another* one - Rocio Garcia

    Another public departure from Co$! This time it's a public person who was on OT VI when they were told they had to redo OT V and then later told they weren't Clear. Her public "I quit!" announcement is posted here on Marty's Blog.
  5. M

    Flag Promo - where are these people now? And who are they?

    I found a promo for Flag video and watched it again. I don't know when it was shot, but since then the CoS has been losing people hand over fist. I I took screen captures of the people who gave inspiring quotes. Are these people still in? Are they Sea Org? Are the actors...
  6. Papabear

    Forgoing Anonymity and Why

    Why I forwent anonymity... For me it really boils down to not wanting to continue a life of manipulation by Scn. See, I figure if I am forced to be in hiding because I don't want to be disconnected from my parents and brothers then I am still under the control of Scn, even if only a little...