1. F

    Looking for anyone willing to be interviewed and recorded

    Hi! I'm currently studying media at Dickson College in Canberra, and my major assignment is to produce a short radio broadcast. I am doing an information piece on Scientology, and I am looking for people willing to be interviewed. Questions asked will be along the lines of why people join...
  2. AnonKat

    Word of Faith Radio - Cult Watch: Scientology Part 4
  3. Zhent

    ABC Radio National - 'Life after a cult'

    Broadcast: Sunday 25 March 2012 6:05PM MP3 DOWNLOAD:
  4. A

    Los Angeles Radio

    I will be on local Los Angeles Radio KTLA-- Channel AM 830 Tomorrow (Friday night) from 7-9 PM, I will only have 15-30 of those minutes during that time frame. to speak. The Subject is "Is It Dangerous?" Per my book I am going to use the irrefutable thread of Scientology's current creations...