1. gridlock

    Melbourne, March 12th, 2010

    This is a call out to all ex-scientologists in Melbourne. We need you. You escaped the cult, but we need your help to stop other people from getting sucked in. We need your help to get other people out. If you're able to, please, come to the protest on the 12th. At least to the Ascot Vale...
  2. gridlock

    Video of a Speech from Melbourne Protest (12th February) Speech by Epic of Melbourne Anonymous. Bourke Street, Melbourne. February 12, 2011.
  3. gridlock

    Melbourne: 12th of February. (hitting Ascot Vale again)

    Protest on Saturday, 12th of February. Sorry, once again, for the late notice. The event was only created a few hours ago and has gotten alot of attention. :D
  4. Feral

    Operation RPF; Restoring People's Freedom.

    Since Shane Kelsey was freed from the RPF around early December by his father with the help or at least advice and info from BIA several Scientology critics have been discussing a serious issue. That is, how does the Sea Org get to hold people against their will. In the RPF and on the decks of...
  5. SignPost

    Los Gatos mORG Protest 15 Jan 2011

    We a raid planned for Los Gatos/San Jose. Location and time: When: Saturday, 15 January 2011 11AM Where: Los Gatos Org, 650 Saratoga Ave bring flags, tunes, cake, dance moves, fliers, cameras If you feel like coming out for some delicious moist caek, we would love to have you. I have...
  6. mnql1

    Police Raid Church of Scientology in Turin, Italy

    Translation of an Italian article published in the daily newspaper Gazetta di Parma on May 20, 2010. An article in the Turin daily edition of La Stampa is mentioned, but the article does not seem to be online at the moment. Perquisita la sede di Scientology a Torino: trovati archivi segreti...