1. Infinite

    Masterson and Scientology retaliation case

    Court dox are in https://tonyortega.org/2019/08/16/heres-the-lawsuit-against-scientology-and-danny-masterson-lets-dive-into-it/
  2. FreeThePeople44

    Hubbard as a pedophile?

    I have been searching around for more information on what I heard in a YouTube video with Jon Atack and Steve Hassan. Jon talks about Hubbard raping children but I can find nothing on the net about this. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Here is the video below. Jon talks about...
  3. S

    Rape Cover-Up

    One of the most unsettling things that happened while I was on staff... A 35-45 year old male staff member raped a female 15-16 year old staff member that was recruited from some Delphi school in CA. They were both reprimanded and then it was all hushed up. Within a few weeks she was caught...