rathbun vs scientology

  1. Lone Star

    Historic Texas December 2013 Hearings

    All is calm as the courtroom gradually fills up. Marty and Mosey's little bundle of joy is here.
  2. Lone Star

    Can Mosey Get an Order to Depose David Miscavige?

    Meanwhile back in Comal County, Texas.....Dec 11th is almost here!!! :happydance: "A week from today, on December 11, the next dramatic chapter in Monique Rathbun’s lawsuit against Scientology and its leader, David Miscavige, will take place in the Comal County courthouse in New Braunfels...
  3. JBWriter

    Scientology + Narconon: Court Dates for September & October 2013

    Mark your calendars, folks; lots of important dates in September & October 2013 for court cases within the US related to Scientology/Co$ & Narconon. (Bolded dates for calendar; red date for general irony/lulz.) September 5 -- Florida judge will consider the scope of subpoenas previously issued...