1. AnonKat

    Time to get your IAS refund and stick it to David Miscavige.
  2. R

    Friend needs $15,000 refund / repayment

    Friend needs $15,000 refund / repayment I have a friend who has $15,000 on account and wants to get it back. They want her to route in and do her TR’s over again and do a bunch of things before giving her money back. I told her to just write a letter and use a lawyer if possible. She...
  3. spookles99

    Seeking a $200,000+ repayment!!

    I have $200,000+ on account with various Scientology churches. For background, visit my blog series, This Is Scientology! (CLICK HERE) or, better (for my bank account!), buy my book, Addicted to Scientology: Overcoming the Ups & Downs of Scientoloholism. (CLICK HERE) Here's a copy of the...
  4. R

    Does anyone have the contract we sign when we do a course?

    I am in need of the contract I signed when i did a course. I am not sure if I signed one before each course or when I started at a new org. The one that says you won't sue and there are no claims made and the refund policy. I have signed many, does anyone have one I can look at? I...
  5. AnonKat

    Follow The Money - Virginia Mcclaughry

    Follow The Money
  6. R

    repayments of unused funds vs money on account for books unused auditing hours etc

    First of all I would like to thank those of you who answered my last thread on how to get a refund for unused money on account. Besides the money I have clearly as cash just sitting on account I also have money for unused auditing hours and money that can go to training etc but isn't exactly...
  7. R

    Who do I write to for a refund of unused money.

    I have unused money I am going to get back but I don't know who to write to. Does anyone know the exact post to write to because I am not going to let them give me the run around. I called treasury and they said write to ethics but I may all ready be getting the run around. Does any one...
  8. S

    COS Refund-- Is their argument about package rate legal?

    I'm trying to get my money back from the church. It has been arduous journey :banghead: and now they are saying that because I had brought my auditing with a package rate, I don't have rights to my whole amount that they only owe me half, they cite the policy: . The org says that when I...