1. spookles99

    Seeking a $200,000+ repayment!!

    I have $200,000+ on account with various Scientology churches. For background, visit my blog series, This Is Scientology! (CLICK HERE) or, better (for my bank account!), buy my book, Addicted to Scientology: Overcoming the Ups & Downs of Scientoloholism. (CLICK HERE) Here's a copy of the...
  2. B

    I've been Burned, and I want repayment of money on account

    Hi All, After finally allowing myself to read internet news on Scn, my eyes have been opened. There's overwhelming evidence from many credible sources of crimes, out-tech, and harassment. I think the Debbie Cook news was the clincher for me. I remember her from my many years as a Flag...
  3. OldAuditor

    FSSO repayments suffering from lack of money?

    I have been involved in five Repayment cycles this year, two from our family and three from friends and I am struck by the lack of uniformity in how these cycles were handled. Two Flag repayment cycles were handled efficiently and with ARC. Two Org repayment cycles were handled more slowly...