1. Mest Lover

    Death by Purif

    Doing some searching for other stuff, ran across this: Suicides and stuff while on Purif. via this link:
  2. J

    It Ain't Over

    IT AIN'T OVER Jack Reno is an inside joke and here I am, finally. I was in the Sea Organization for ten years and left about 25 years ago, about the time Ron died (yes, that joke). I first met Ron when I was a kid because my family had served in the war together. While in the service of the...
  3. Infinite

    Dr. Steve Wiseman Investigates Thomas Szasz Scientology

    In this fascinating series of six videos Stephen Wiseman shreds the outdated, ignorant and dangerous thinking thinking behind Scientology, CCHR and Thomas Szasz's position on psychiatry. If nothing else, watch Part Six.