san francisco

  1. AnonKat

    08/03/2013 - SFPD Continue to be AWESOME at San Franicsco Church of Scientology

    52.2 - 08/03/2013 - SFPD Continue to be AWESOME at San Franicsco Church of Scientology IAS Event
  2. Anonycat

    Anons & ex-Scios protest the San Francisco Org..

    San Francisco weekend of 5/5/12 San Francisco Org got treated to an epic raid with guests from near and far: Adhocrat Anonsparrow Enthaeon Exponential Casper MOOG ProudPTS slobeck Smurf Tory "Magoo" Christman LunaC MoarXenu Tommy Gorman VaJayJay vulpes ... I may have forgotten a name or two...
  3. D

    Bay Area IAS Members Ball - Raid Report

    Raid report originally posted by Sign Post on WWP. "Just got back from the Annual IAS Event at the Fairmont in San Francisco. Alot of anons showed up for this event. We had a great spot, right across the street, in front of the main entrance. Noice! Tons of signs, well dressed anons, (we...
  4. D

    San Francisco Post Raid - June 13, 2010

    In celebration on the recent promotion of AnonSparrow to Chairman of the Board (C.O.B.) Anonymous of San Francisco celebrated his wins with a Hawaiian themed raid. Copypasta of raid report posted by XSR. "So the AnonSparrow raid... Great turnout! Great fun! Great wins! Starting very early...
  5. D

    San Francisco - IAS Membership Ball

    I am writing to invite ESMB patrons to the June 19th Annual IAS membership Ball at the prestigious Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco. SFPD has granted Anonymous the OK to post up across the street from the hotel where we will even have a no parking zone. Anonymous will be protesting from 5-9 in...
  6. D

    San Francisco Website

    For any California Bay Area activists, I encourage you to take a look at San Francisco's new decentralized website and sign up if interested. This website has been created in response to the shut down of and the disbanding of the anti-CoS...