1. jojo

    Bill Mahr Mentions Scientology in his Monsanto Rant BM: Get a good lawyer! You have got to fight these people on their own turf with their own tools. You can’t fight them singing Kumbaya. Monsanto is – from my point of view – the...
  2. Isene


    I wrote this blog post, but the replies to the post was the most interesting. Link: Blog post:
  3. Karen#1

    IAS Criminal Rip-off FRAUD entity, sucks it in ~~ no REFUND

    This was received by someone who gave $400,000 to IAS and is now out of the Church. Extorted money is defined as "voluntary" donations. When they SP declare you, they STILL WANT to keep THE MONEY$$$$$ ....
  4. Scn.Hun

    Scientology's condition: Danger in Hungary

    According to the Hungarian Tax Office the number of Scientologists in Hungary are declining.:bigcry: It's a pity because Hungary was supposed to be the first Clear country. It's a pity because Budapest Org won the Birthday Game in 2002 and all seemed to be so great back then. It's a pity...