scientology beliefs

  1. aegerprimo

    The TRUTH About Ron Series

    This series of graphics was created by beloved Underground Bunker commenter - Observer. Her shoops make us laugh, think, and gasp. The Co$ made a series of books covering the life of L. Ron Hubbard, lies about his life's accomplishments, i.e. his service in WW II, his college education, etc...
  2. anonomog

    Mike Rinder's commentary on The Auditor

    Mike Rinder has posted a copy of The Auditor that includes Racket Exposed a signed piece from Ron himself that includes the infamous R2-45 process. Mike says he hasn't seen it before, not sure which deserted island he has been on, but his commentary has surprised me. Is he losing faith...
  3. Churchill

    Is OSA the Reactive Mind of Scientology?

    Stimulus-Response, predictably doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different response. Imagine Scientology without OSA. It would just be another batshit crazy cult. But with OSA it becomes a batshit crazy criminal cult. I think OSA is Scientology's Reactive Mind.
  4. Intentionally Blank

    Mind Control and Personality Changes

    I recently read this article,, which is older, but one of the more clear and to the point explanations I've read of the different ways scn uses mind control techniques on members. I think I've mentioned in the past, scn always creeped me out to some...