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  1. MissWog

    Going Clear Enhanced Kindle Edition: Notes on Xtras

    I have a few PMs and other threads about this and thought it would be nice to keep a central thread on this topic. To purchase this version (it will ONLY work on an iPAD, not a Kindle!!) Description: The enhanced eBook...
  2. Petey C

    Kate Bornstein's book "A Queer and Present Danger"

    Anyone read this book? Kate Bornstein is Al Bornstein that was. I've read a sample but want to know if it's worth reading. Any recommendations?
  3. What's It All About

    Two important books: Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood and the Prison of Belief

    Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood and the Prison of Belief by Lawrence Wright Beyond Belief: My Secret Life Inside...
  4. uniquemand

    Marc Headley's Dedication in "Blown For Good"

    "...finally, to all those who lost faith that they would see a family member again, to those that thought they would never be able to start their lives over again, and to all those that thought they would never be happy again. Keep your hopes up, people do get out, people do still love you and...
  5. Blownforgood

    Blown For Good paperback coming out soon!

    Thanks to all the people that bought the BFG hardback book, we are now pulling the trigger on printing the paperback. Despite the fact that fact that the hardback was edited and checked for typos, some still made it into the book. I have heard a few comments from people here and there that...
  6. Blownforgood

    New Blown For Good - BFG website online!

    Hey guys! Just wanted to let you know that we just re-did the Blown for Good website in preparation for the book release and have started putting blown for good stories up from others. Hope you enjoy and reserve your book if you have not had a chance yet. Until...
  7. Happy Days

    The Complex by John Duignan

    The book is a great read where John Duignan, an Irishman, exposes the covert world of the Church of Scientology and the entrapment of celebs, the cults money making machine and treatment of SO members. He writes of his journey as a high ranking SO member and how he escaped after 22 years of...
  8. Free to shine

    Another BLOWN FOR GOOD Book Excerpt

    Another BLOWN FOR GOOD Book Excerpt Subject description: Birthday Party for what's his name? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It seems...
  9. Free to shine

    BFG IS HANDLED? IT IS A SHAME NOBODY TOLD ME! Blown For Good's latest post -

    (I hope I pasted this in OK.) Wow, I leave for a few weeks and I start getting calls, emails and apparently people are taking credit for "handling" me! What the hell does that mean anyway? Like I was a leak in their roof or...