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  1. CommunicatorIC

    Church of Scientology owes Toronto over $100,000 as Yonge-Bloor site languishes

    Church of Scientology owes Toronto over $100,000 as Yonge-Bloor site languishes. Toronto Star: Church of Scientology owes city over $100,000 as Yonge-Bloor site languishes
  2. wiseman_of_the_watchtower

    Toronto Org - 2014

    Hi, Not a lot happening in Toronto. The main org building is boarded up. "Under renovations" they claim, but no sign of any work being done on the building. The org members are currently renting another small building for Day and Foundation... no information as to how busy or empty it is...
  3. mnql1

    Canadian senator attacks Scientology's tax exemption in Quebec

    Translation of a French article published in the Saturday, May 10, 2014 edition of the daily Journal de Montréal: En guerre contre la scientologie
  4. Intelligence

    Vancouver Scientology Exposed By Anonymous “Night Owls” Longer Exaimer Article here: More pics on WWP...
  5. Intelligence

    Narconon Trois-Rivieres Charitable Status Revoked SNIPS: MORE HERE:
  6. Intelligence

    Scientology Hate Crimes - Canada Law

    . Not sure if this is the right Thread for this? Mods, please feel free to move?
  7. Intelligence

    Scientology's Secret Plans For Canada - MacLean's

    Magazine to arrive in Toronto News-Stands this afternoon as per following email - On Thu, Sep 27, 2012 at 11:06 AM, Nicholas Kohler: (9,500 word, 11 page article) - Here are a few "Teaser Image Excerpts": SNIPS: