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  1. TheOriginalBigBlue

    Sea Org no longer admits children

    At 9:30 in this video the narrator says, "The Church says children are no longer admitted into the Sea Org". Is this true? If so, when did they stop admitting children? Does this include everyone under the age of 18 in all countries? Are they getting around this by having children file for...
  2. Smurf

    Growing Up in Sciientology: Mike Rinder & Aaron Smith-Levin
  3. Sassy

    Bella Cruise Gets Married....

    Very interesting. They say Nicole is "overjoyed" yet neither parent have met their son-in-law. I'm thinking Nicole is "overjoyed" that the hubby isn't a scio, according to this article. Either way, Cheers to Bella but I'd be devastated if my daughter (or son) married and didn't tell me. This...
  4. Free to shine

    ‘Growing Up in Scientology’ project launches

    ‘Growing Up in Scientology’ project launches This a subject close to my heart - I was raised in scientology from the age of 14, now 62, so it has affected me most of my life. Although there have been some terrific individual stories published, there has not been a great deal of in-depth...
  5. Xenu's Boyfriend

    Can Children be SP's?

    Can someone answer a question for me, please? Apologies if this has already been discussed. I've been reading stories in the media that T.C. hasn't seen Suri in a year or more. I know that when Katie initiated the divorce, it was a critical time in Suri's Scientology indoctrination. My...
  6. CommunicatorIC

    Mace-Kingsley School Will Prepare Your Child For The Scientology Sea Organization

    Mace-Kingsley School Will Prepare Your Child For The Scientology Religious Order, the Sea Organization. Scientology 411: Mace-Kingsley Will Prepare Your Child For The Sea Org!
  7. AnonyMary


    Must read for all who care about children, for all who had their kids at the Cadet org or Cadet Org Estates and for those who survived living at these places Published by Mary McConnell Scientology issue: Aides Order 203-71 of 28 August 1981 "PAC CADET ORG/CADET ESTATES ORG ESTABLISHMENT...
  8. MissWog

    Scientology & Children: What is a Child Audit, Process and Security Check? Discussion

    With all the press about Leah Remini's departure from the cult focusing on her fear for her daughter (age 9) starting auditing and other indoctrination I thought we might get a conversation started about current day Scientology and children practices. People can all too easily explain away the...
  9. ExElronComm

    The Cult, the nursery, my escape, and a two handed smoke

    Today on Facebook Tory/Magoo posted on SPs ‘r’ US talking about cult child care and would we please share our stories. I responded: “I have a story about the Cult of $’s and it’s nurseries that occurred in October 1987 at SNC where I was personally involved and the case went to court. I...
  10. Bea Kiddo

    Child abuse in the Sea Org

    I was born in 1972 near Austin Texas. At that time, both of my parents were staff at Austin Org. Right after my 3rd birthday, my mother decided to join the Sea Org. November 1975. So I was in the Sea Org environment from Nov 1975 at age 3, up until I got SP declared out in May 2004...
  11. rickybobby

    Possible child molestation charges OC org via Karen #1

    Anyone else see this over at OCMB? Are these names familiar? This is from her post at "Discussion of Abuses at Int Base/Riverside" thread from today.
  12. OTBT

    6-year-old Sea Org staff member - dox from long ago

    I haven't logged in here for ages, but finally remembered my password by chance. I can't figure out how to search this new revised forum. This should probably be added to an existing thread somewhere, but sorry I really don't know where to put it. Anyway, due to Katie Holmes concerns about...
  13. duddins

    What went on in the Cadet Org?

    Sitting down over dinner with my brother Danny, who is now 41 years old, I told him that I was reconnecting with Ex-Scientologists and SO members. He rolled his eyes and said "Oh shit." He started to laugh. It was good to see him in this condition, almost 100% back to being the brother I...