scientology criminal acts

  1. Free to shine

    Twenty Things Judges Have Said About Scientology

    A nice round-up of quotable quotes! Example: [/B]
  2. mnql1

    Moscow Scientologist defrauded apartment buyers of millions of rubles

    Translation of a Russian article posted on December 29, 2015 on the news website: Scientology service completions: Alexander Tkachenko Courtroom scenes from the NTV news video report:
  3. A

    the vaults are full of confidential confessional folders

    so like everything in scientology, the real purpose is a secret, and we expose the truth the real purpose for the vaults imo isn't to store the scripture, it's to store blackmail, money, hide people like shelly who supposedly are avoiding subpoenas... and to give them time to shred paper if...
  4. Free to shine

    David Miscavige's abuses and violence

    I read two posts today on OCMB that really show the extent of the voilence and abuse of Miscavige. There are many such reports, including all the interviews in the St Petersburg Times.For the benefit of lurkers and new posters, here they are to start the thread. Perhaps links to the many other...