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  1. Veda

    'Going Clear' doc on YouTube, finally!

    The complete documentary, safe and clean from computer shenanigans, is now available: This had already been posted under 'Media Reports', but it may be difficult to find in that category...
  2. ILove2Lurk

    DVR Alert: Paul Haggis One-Hour Interview Today

    . . . Dan Rather's The Big Interview Conversation with legendary Hollywood director and writer, Paul Haggis. He has written two oscar winning best pictures, Crash and Million Dollar Baby, and many other blockbuster films including Quantum of Solace, Flags of our Fathers, and Third Person...
  3. CommunicatorIC

    England: Win a double pass to Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief

    England: Win a double pass to Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief. The Guardian: Win a double pass to Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief * * *...
  4. CommunicatorIC

    Scientology doc revelations concern Amsterdam alderman. [NOT Going Clear]

    Scientology doc revelations concern Amsterdam alderman [NOT Going Clear] I've seen references to the undercover investigation scroll across my twitter feed, but this is the first article I've seen in English that didn't involve a Google translation and/or limited access website. This article...
  5. S

    Shock Horror revealed in Amsterdam Org.

    This is a good one.
  6. Terril park

    Going Clear to show in London 12th June

    Few more details on Tony Ortega's blog and some nice pictures especially one of Leah Remini with Tony.
  7. catarina

    Going Clear goes to Sweden

    I just received the weekly newletter in the documentary category, from the Swedish public service channel SVT, still the largest channel here. I simply have to quote the beginning of the top item from the email. :biggrin: Nearly as many exclamation marks as in CoS promo. :p If any Swedish...
  8. Lulu Belle

    "Going Clear" arrives in Canada with lots of media attention

    "Going Clear" just arrived in certain select theaters in Canada. Apparently Gibney is up there and has done some interviews. Lots of media coming out of Canada now for "Going Clear". Here's a good article...
  9. CommunicatorIC

    Vancouver Intl. Film Festival - Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief

    Vancouver International Film Festival - Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief. Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief Vancity Theatre Screening (USA, 2015, 119 mins, DCP)...
  10. Smurf

    Mike Rinder: Going Clear documentary masterful..

    "Mike Rinder is one of the few viewers who was unlikely to learn much from the documentary "Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief." Rinder spent 25 years as a senior executive with the Church of Scientology International, often acting as the organization's spokesperson in the midst...
  11. mawena

    Going Clear being blocked in N Ireland

    Sky Atlantic is too scared to broadcast it: Here's another opportunity to create a story if they can be persuaded to change their mind.
  12. MissWog

    How much of Scientology's attack video is true? Alex Gibney Going Clear

    I wish there were more people making videos like this! I just found a whole new awesome YT channel..sorry if I am late and Zac Hopkins work has been posted here before! I really appreciate this gentleman taking the time.. Check it out! Pass it along to any fence sitters willing to watch!! How...
  13. mawena Secrets of the Scientologists: Why people do horrible things for belief
  14. MissWog

    Is Elisabeth Moss appropriate choice for drama school graduation speaker?

    I'm at a play date and just saw this come across my Twitter feed.. No time to paste the full article.but it is worth a read!! @wcsrevolution: My new piece on #Scientology! Why Removing Elisabeth Moss from Grad Speaker position is the...
  15. johnAnchovie

    My Travolta rant

    My newest bit of scribbling, ranting: Unpicking John Travolta Posted on April 15, 2015 Travolta and Alex Gibney’s HBO documentary ‘Going Clear’
  16. Smurf

    HBO: 'Going Clear' a major success with almost 6 million viewers..

    This, in addition to, the many that watched it in theaters..
  17. Emma

    Best night ever in front of the TV

    Came home, saw a package on the table. Some merciful angle had sent me a copy of "Going Clear". Looked at the clock.....6.30pm...hmmmm decisions decisions decisions. Nope not enough time, because at 7.30 it was GAME OF THRONES OMG OMG OMG!!! Watched Thrones....OMG OMG!! Then I put the DVD on...
  18. HelluvaHoax!

    GOING CLEAR: Part II (does it get more fun than this? LOL)

    .. Watch Out Scientology, ‘Going Clear 2′ Is In The Works! Filmmaker Teases Of Plenty Of ‘Cutting Room Floor’ Footage LINK HERE
  19. koki

    Adam Savages report on Going Clear

    good vid...
  20. Boojuum

    Russell Crowe chimes in on Huffington Post Russell's comments are fairly benign but the wide-eyed response of the interviewers showed just how incredibly devastating the "Going Clear" movie is.
  21. Anonycat

    Watch Out Scientology, ‘Going Clear 2′ Is In The Works!

    Following the firestorm started by HBO’s Going Clear, filmmaker Alex Gibney teased that he “may go back in and do something at a later date” with “a ton of” unused footage. “There was a ton of stuff that ended up on the cutting room floor,” Gibney told The Wrap, adding that there’s a lot of...
  22. Sindy

    Fallout Inside After "Going Clear" Documentary

    I thought everyone might like a place where we can collect leaks from inside the cult after all the recent bombs dropped on them. This was posted on Tony's blog and then posted on Facebook so I thought I'd bring it here. We can have a place where anyone can come tell what they've heard. Even you...
  23. I

    A&S Newspapers: COLUMN: Scientology: A Criminal Enterprise
  24. Smurf

    Marty Rathbun Is Scientology's Public Enemy No. 1. And He's Okay with That

    The ex-member of the Church and Going Clear subject talks about the enemies who ambush him and encouraging people to speak out about Scientology's abuses.
  25. Sock Puppy

    ‘Going Clear,’ Star Defections, Parodies – How Scientology Lost Its Grip on Hollywood Love the headline . . . And this little bit: "For his part, Gibney told TheWrap that there’s still a lot more of the Scientology story yet to be told. 'There was a ton of stuff that ended...
  26. L

    Tom Devocht

    Going Clear with Scientology Member Turned Whistleblower Tom Devocht: Lip Tv
  27. Smurf

    LOL. Watching 'Going Clear' weeded (high on marijuana)..
  28. Smurf

    HBO: No lawsuits from the Church of Scientology yet..
  29. I

    Vice: The Church of Scn is Hilarious

    [ This article is worth a read. Step by step through scn's smear campaign tactics and makes the point of all done with tax exempt money. I especially like the end punch.
  30. kao

    48 Hour Mystery Episode- Scientology I stumbled across this episode. No medication led to murder. Sad but true.