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  1. CommunicatorIC

    Did Scientology Threaten 'Going Clear' Director Alex Gibney On Twitter?

    Did Scientology Threaten 'Going Clear' Director Alex Gibney On Twitter? International Business Times: Did Scientology Threaten 'Going Clear' Director Alex Gibney On Twitter? * * * * * BEGIN...
  2. AnonyMary

    Must Read - Paul Haggis: the Scientology experience

    Wow! Just Wow! A must read Bunker article for all, IMHO ‘Going Clear': Paul Haggis pens a description of the Scientology experience you won’t forget March 24, 2015 Read on...
  3. CommunicatorIC

    3/23/15 8PM EDT: Alex Gibney on MSNBC All In with Chris Hayes

    3/23/15 8PM EDT: Alex Gibney on MSNBC All In with Chris Hayes. Website: MSNBC All In With Chris Hayes
  4. D

    48 HRS. on Ellie Perkins murder I had read about this murder but had never seen this 48 HRS. episode about it. It is really well done and includes lots of good footage in explaining the "church" and its stance regarding psychiatry. In light of current interest in Cof$ thought...
  5. Freeminds

    BBC Reviews 'Going Clear'

    Nice review. BBC Culture says “Going Clear is a ‘must-see’ Scientology documentary”. Link:
  6. JBWriter

    Going Clear + Scientology Celebs: Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Kirstie Alley & More

    Lots of news about HBO's documentary film, Going Clear, and yet no public statements from the scientology celebrities*? *Danny Masterson did speak about Going Clear & scientology recently in an interview here: Celeb...
  7. F

    NBC - Late Night Interview with Alex Gibney - March 17 - 2015 (magyar felirattal)

    This morning this NBC interview was deleted from youtube, not only the video, but also "they" had youtube to delete the uploader's account as well. ...Well, they really do not want you or others to watch these videos, not to mention the documentary. :) They are frightened as hell because of...
  8. Free to shine

    Tom DeVocht reveals new info about Tom Cruise and David Miscavige

    New article about the relationship between Miscavige and Tom Cruise.
  9. H

    Will Going Clear be eligible to compete at Oscars?

    I know that Going Clear was made for HBO, so you'd think perhaps it could be eligible for Emmy competition (do Emmys even give awards for documentaries?). But since Going Clear did play in some theatres, will it be eligible to campaign at the Oscars? If it gets nominated for Best Documentary...
  10. Smurf

    NBC interview: Marty Rathbun & cult harassment.. YT vids being taken down..

    NBC has the only link to the video.. Critics that have mirrored the video on YouTube have had them taken down & accounts closed. Clearly, the cult is not a happy camper. :biggrin...
  11. M

    How much of Scientology's attack video is true?

    Not exactly earth-shaking news, but a not too bad analysis of Scientology's attack videos, IMHO. I hope this hasn't been posted before. :)
  12. Smurf

    Going Clear (Scientology And The Prison Of Belief) – music by Will Bates..

    "We are very excited to be releasing Will Bates’s amazing, dark and electronic-driven score to Alex Gibney‘s latest controversial documentary, Going Clear (Scientology And The Prison Of Belief). The film follows men and women who left The Church of Scientology. The album comes out digitally on...
  13. Sindy

    The Houston Chronicle: Sympathizing with Scientology

    I wrote to this writer today (and got a reply) and think he's a good guy. I would love it if more people shared their views, respectfully in the comment section of this article. :) I don't think he should be attacked. He's just trying to sort it all out as far as I can tell, not trying to shill...
  14. F

    "CBS - This Morning" interview on Going Clear with Larry Wright and Alex Gibney

    Good morning, :) And again, :biggrin: here is the "CBS This Morning" interview about Going Clear ran on March 04 - 2015, if someone wants to watch it (again). Many were invited but only few came. :) Guess who were not available that morning for the talk... (It is also with Hungarian sub. -...
  15. Intentionally Blank

    Going Clear - The Pink Elephant's Cherry is Popped

    Not to mix metaphors but I couldn't help myself :biggrin: Last night I enticed Mr/s Blanky to take in a panel discussion of traditional and alternative religions in mental health care and how practioners' beliefs can add to or detract from care. It was a fascinating and diverse discussion of...
  16. CommunicatorIC

    Scientology Attacks! The Stephen Kent letter

    Scientology Attacks! The Stephen Kent letter. Walrus Magazine: Scientology Attacks! * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * * Sixteen years ago, the Church of Scientology launched a similar campaign against University of Alberta sociology professor Stephen...
  17. CommunicatorIC

    3/17/15: Going Clear director Alex Gibney on Late Night with Seth Meyers

    3/17/15: Going Clear director Alex Gibney on Late Night with Seth Meyers.
  18. CommunicatorIC

    Scientology Member David Evans threatens journalist Laura Turner over Going Clear

    Scientology Member David Evans threatens Religion News Service journalist Laura Turner over Going Clear article. The Religious News Service article: “Going Clear:” Scientology’s coverup efforts against the HBO documentary...
  19. CommunicatorIC

    Former high-ranking Scientologist Kate Bornstein: “Thetans have no gender” New book

    Former high-ranking Scientologist Kate Bornstein: “Thetans have no gender” Salon: Former high-ranking Scientologist: “Thetans have no gender” "Gender theory pioneer Kate Bornstein talks about trans...
  20. BlackRob

    Scientology ready to sue HBO for Copyright Infringement!

    March 12, 2015 Sheila Nevins President, HBO Documentary Films Re: You Make the Bed You Lie In Dear Ms. Nevins: You have a problem. HBO’s and Alex Gibney’s film on the Church of Scientology is completely discredited. We tried to warn you that the film is loaded with admitted liars who make false...
  21. CommunicatorIC


    Tom DeVocht - Stop your bullying Scientology and leave my family and my friends alone Tom DeVocht says - Stop your bullying Scientology and leave my family and my friends alone! The following post is public on Facebook. Indeed, it can be accessed by someone who is not logged into Facebook...
  22. Lulu Belle

    Watching Going Clear if you don't have HBO

    Found this on Rinder's website comments: HBO has a new feature called Now. For $14.95 you can purchase a month subscription and stream it. All you need is an Internet connection. It’s less than a price of theater ticket. Spread the news. Here’s the site with info...
  23. CommunicatorIC

    Police Report re: Mike Rinder's ALLEGED assault on wife re Scientology & Going Clear

    Police Report and Audio re: Mike Rinder's ALLEGED assault on wife re Scientology attack on Going Clear. Mike's post is important. Please read it in its entirety. Mike Rinder - Mike Rinder: “Lady Killer”
  24. CommunicatorIC

    Soundtrack of Going Clear Scientology documentary

    Soundtrack of Going Clear Scientology documentary. I wasn't sure if this deserved its own thread or not, but didn't want it to get buried in another thread. Going Clear Soundtrack HT...
  25. BlackRob

    Scientology's Final Say On 'Going Clear'

    THR initially reached out to the Church to request a viewing of the documentary with top Church officials, but Church spokeswoman Karin Pouw declined this offer. Instead, she asked for a list of questions about the film, which she would "be happy" to answer. THR sent the Church a list of twenty...
  26. M

    My GOING CLEAR review.

    Several asked for my thoughts after watching the documentary. It had a deep effect on me, but it took several days for it to come together for me. This is not a light or fun documentary, the seriousness of the subject is made bearable with sprinklings of humor, laughing at some of the...
  27. Smurf

    'Going Clear' at Hollywood's Arclight Theatre, Los Angeles..

    I just returned from the Arclight. Their guest service have much to be desired. After receiving two emails from them the last 2 days that it have been moved to the Arclight Dome, I stood outside the Dome for 15 minutes before being told by an attendant that it had been moved back to the larger...
  28. Smurf

    Angry Gay Pope visits Hollywood Testing Center & gets the boot...
  29. HelluvaHoax!

    Scientologists REACT to HBO documentary!

    ... What documentary? You must be mistaken--Ron never wrote or mentioned anything about an HBO documentary.
  30. Intentionally Blank

    Chris Shelton's Review of Going Clear

    Interesting and thought provoking. [emphasis mine]