scientology fair game

  1. Type4_PTS

    Did L. Ron Hubbard Authorize Scientologists to Murder at Least 16 People?

    There's another thread that also links to the evidence that I am linking to over here. I started a new thread because I like my thread title better. :D Did Hubbard really authorize Scientologists to murder people? Look at the evidence for yourself. Mike Rinder lays it all out here...
  2. Lynn Fountain Campbell

    Are they fair-gaming me?

    Remember when I said, “If it all starts to go horribly wrong, we’ll know I’ve become a victim of the Scientology fair game policy”? Well, just when I was about to go quiet again, because I had nothing on my mind about a certain criminal cult, they gave me something to talk about. When I went to...
  3. Free to shine

    Scientology's stalker sites!

    Wow, I think I've seen something like this before but it's worth posting again in light of the hate sites that pop up, for example the inevitable ones for people interviewed by Leah Remini. There are bound to be many more if someone wants to investigate, searching for specific exes. Marc...
  4. CommunicatorIC

    Cease and Desist Letter from Photojournalist Fred G. Haseney to Church of Scientology

    Cease and Desist Letter from Photojournalist Fred G. Haseney to the Church of Scientology. For background, see Fred G. Haseney's prior article, "The church of scientology’s Campaign to Silence Me." I will excerpt only some of the new background information below. Please see the new original...
  5. Free to shine

    Two lives caught up in Scientology’s notorious ‘Fair Game'

    A large 3 page fact and photo filled article by Tony Ortega, a must read: Spying, intimidation, and ruin: Two lives caught up in Scientology’s notorious ‘Fair Game’
  6. D

    FAIR GAMED: Are YOU being "fair gamed" right now? Please post here if you think so.

    Those who suspect they are being fair gamed have not had any one place where they can post (that I know of). The poster "The Hole Does Not Exist" has posted at the Underground Bunker a few details of her current experiences. THDNE indicated it was of benefit to her to learn that others were...