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    "Vengeance and Control": New LRH Documents online

    New genuine LRH court documents, now posted for the first time online.
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    LRH: "Not a fit and proper person" (New documents now online)

    Updated documents, now posted online at
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    Lies, Bigamy, "Cult": What LRH's 1st wife said in court about him

    Documents now online, at
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    L Ron Hubbard Divorce Documents (Now online)

    To counter lies told about filmmaker Alex Gibney, concerning his citation of statements made by L Ron Hubbard's 2nd wife Sara Northrup Hubbard, documents from his 1951 divorce filing have been tracked down and acquired and have now been posted online. See "The...
  5. JBWriter

    Scientology Celebration - "Boom Boom Kapow - Oops, My Bad!" Day

    As most folks here @ ESMB know, tomorrow is the 71st anniversary of an historically significant event. :wink2: Wiki link to complete article here: Relevant excerpt: June 28 = "Boom Boom Kapow - Oops, My Bad!" Day I'm not sure...
  6. Anonycat

    The Corporations of Scientology

    The Corporations of Scientology. 28 pages.
  7. AnonKat

    The divorce of Sara Hubbard, April 1951 By 1951, the five-year marriage of L. Ron Hubbard and his second wife Sara (neé Sara Northrup) had irrevocably broken down. It's hard to say at this distance in time who was most to blame, but it is a matter of record that Hubbard kidnapped his wife...
  8. afaceinthecrowd

    Shooting Stars

    Shooting Stars: LRH & the Mission Holder's Kristallnacht—My “Take” “It’s time for everyone to sit back, relax and enjoy…All! That! Jazz!” Bob Fosse Over a few installments…not sure how many yet, probably 3 or 4…I hope to, as best I can, say what I wanted say when I first posted here almost...