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  1. Mimsey Borogrove

    The best part of 20/20

    I so loved that when she called him an asshole. I only wish ABC had the balls to get Leah debate Muffins Yingling on camera. Mimsey More at Mike Rinder's blog
  2. K

    Monique Yingling the LYING LAWYER for Scientology and David Miscavige

    After watching Monique Yingling on ABC's - 20/20 tonight - I felt she deserved her own thread. That crooked lying sleezy lawyer has been lying for Scientology for many years. Monique Yingling is living off of BLOOD money - and perhaps that is why her TR LIE was out tongiht. I believe it is...
  3. mnql1

    Israel: Attorney Gur Finkelstein Sentenced to Eight Years in Prison

    Gur Finkelstein Sentenced to Eight Years in Prison Attorney sentenced to 8 years for hiring hit-man to kill ex’s partner
  4. Mother Teegeeack

    Congratulations to Rick Moxon, newly minted OT VII !

    Congratulations are in order for Scientology in-house counsel Kendrick Moxon. After fifteen plus years on the level, Rick has completed OT VII ! Rick, this achievement earns you a very singular distinction – your stupidity has entered tail of the bell-curve proportions! Let’s look at...