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  1. CommunicatorIC

    John Sugg is now a Scientology member and Executive Editor of COS's Freedom magazine

    John Sugg is now a member of the Church of Scientology and the Executive Editor of the Church of Scientology's Freedom magazine. As set forth in his 2008 Columbia Journalism Review article "Parting Thoughts," John Sugg has had a long career in journalism, having held senior editing and writing...
  2. LA SCN

    IMPACT magazine goes delusional

    I still get some cherch publications in the mail - bless their hearts - and I can't resist looking through them for giggles. Of note this week is the latest IMPACT mag, issue 150, the 31st anniversary commemorative issue. OMFG what a gilt-edged monument to full color photography and...
  3. Gadfly

    We Are the Free People

    I was clearing out a closet today and came across a stack of IMPACT magazine. This is the IAS magazine that is sent to members every month. I randomly opened a few, and went to the LRH article (which is in each). I immediately started laughing! At my current stage of disentanglement from...