scientology management

  1. Anonycat

    Tom Cruise To Become Co-Leader Of Church Of Scientology? LOL!

    Okay, this is some serious tabloid stuff. Suddenly, I want to watch the Neurotology video again. The source (cough) of the article, is here...
  2. Free to shine

    The church of sleep deprivation

    Great article by Tony Ortega.
  3. Lulu Belle

    The History of RTC

    I copied a truly excellent post from Mike Laws from another thread which wasn't about this subject at all, because I wanted to make sure others read it. I joined the SO when RTC was first forming. This answered a lot of questions for me. ...
  4. JBWriter

    Bob Adams - Church of Scientology International Vice-President -- April 2014

    Since Bob Adams' name has come up on other threads/posts here @ ESMB, I did a simple Google search to try and learn if he is still an active member of Co$. Here's a link that popped up near the top of Google's simple search results page - it provides a short, but informative, historical...
  5. AnonKat

    THE VIDEO SCIENTOLOGY WANTS TO HIDE - Donatella Kavenaar OSA Operative
  6. Loohan

    who is present head of OSA?

    According to The most recent head of OSA :puke: International was Mike Rinder. Anybody know who it presently is?