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  1. Zhent

    MELBOURNE Org Newsletter/Promo Leak Thread

    Welcome to the golden age of leaks. Are you interested in seeing whats happening inside Melbourne Ideal Org? Seeing a well oiled propaganda machine in motion? Being shocked at how unbelievably out of touch with reality the modern Scientology cult is? Enjoy analysing any leaks from the inside...
  2. Zhent

    Leak: Melbourne Ideal Org 1st Anniversary Event

    In case anyone is interested in checking it out... (hint: :guyfawkes:)
  3. Free to shine

    Latest Melbourne Org promo - who is doing what

  4. Emma

    Melbourne Org sold to Chanel FRENCH fashion house Chanel is speculated to be paying about $9 million for a Paris-end CBD property owned and occupied for 30 years by the Church of Scientology. Chanel, which currently...
  5. Free to shine

    Herald Sun Inside Melbourne Idle Org :)

    Excellent article: I originally quoted only part of the article, but those who don't like links need to read this. Those who do - go Comment on the site. :)
  6. scooter

    Article on Melbourne's Idle Morgue Has some quite delightful lines in it.
  7. Blown in ANZO

    Melbourne Org, a Disaster in the Making.

    Cheryl Wickens has been the CO of Melbourne day since the early '90s, she and her mean eyed husband have been there on garrison duty since being banished from the SO for having children many years ago. She was the ED of the same org back in the '80s too before joining the SO in a fit of...
  8. Kookaburra

    Melbourne Idle Org Opening announcement

    If anyone down Melbourne way can make it, go for it! Take some of those picket signs with the real Loooooooooong pole handles so they will be clearly visible to everyone attending even if they are behind barriers.
  9. mate

    Melbourne's Ideal Org

    I have just heard that in addition to the exterior, only a very small part of the interior has been renovated for the so-called grand opening. Apparently the intent is not to proceed any further or occupy it until the staffing level and its training is reached. Can anyone confirm whether this...
  10. deutsch

    Melbourne Megathread

    I would like to set up a huuuuge information-gathering thread about the cult in Melbourne. I'll start. We are almost unique among cities because we have a full list of cult staffers, as leaked here:
  11. Emma

    Bits and pieces from Melbourne

    The following are clickable thumbnails. It is a 4 page promo fluff piece deigned for recruitment. On page 4 are success stories from 4 of the staff I worked with. One of them is the woman who snubbed me the other day. The following is an FSM Newsletter from Melbourne Day The...