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  1. CommunicatorIC

    Tampa Scientology has new finance lines, getting practically 100% approvals

    Tampa Scientology has new finance lines, getting practically 100% approvals. From Mike Rinder's Thursday Funnies. * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * * We have new finance lines… And are getting practically 100% approvals? WTF? For loans? *...
  2. mnql1

    US State Dept International Religious Freedom Report for 2014

    Listed below are passages that mention Scientology in the country sections of the U.S. State Department's International Religious Freedom Report for 2014, released on October 14, 2015. For passages from the U.S. State Department's International Religious Freedom Report for 2013, see US State...
  3. Anonycat

    Hague Court deals blow to Scientology tax-free status

    The Dutch branch of the Church of Scientology has lost its tax status as “public welfare institution”, and the tax benefits that go along with it, in a ruling made by the court in The Hague on Wednesday. The court decided that the sales of the Church’s expensive courses and therapy sessions...
  4. CommunicatorIC

    Dutch Court: Scientology is not a charity and doesn't get such tax advantages

    Dutch Court: Scientology is not a charity and doesn't get such tax advantages. Trouw: Hof: Scientology is commercieel, niet een goed doel Google translation...
  5. C

    Dror Soref - another Scn arrest

    Longtime Scn. His son is bookstore officer st CCI. Film director Dror Soref was arrested in Santa Clarita Friday for allegedly running a multimillion dollar ponzi scheme.
  6. CommunicatorIC

    Mike Rinder - Scientology: The Motel 6 of 501(c)3s

    Mike Rinder - Scientology: The Motel 6 of 501(c)3s I'd like to reiterate an observation that Mike has made in other posts concerning Scientology real estate. As I recall, Mike has previously explained that: (1) attorney Monique Yingling has constantly pressured DM and the Church of Scientology...
  7. CommunicatorIC

    Kelly Preston Fundraising for Scientology in Mexico

    Kelly Preston Fundraising for Scientology in Mexico. From Tony Ortega: Bonus photos from our tipsters Kelly Preston is the latest celeb sent to a far-flung locale for fundraising. Check...
  8. CommunicatorIC

    Become a Scientology LRH Hall Legion of Honor Member for only $1,000,000

    Become a Scientology LRH Hall Legion of Honor Member for only $1,000,000. Mike Rinder: LRH Monument To Fundraising
  9. Operating DB

    IRS Under Microscope After John Oliver Televangelism Segment

    I found this article about the IRS and religious tax exempt status today. Here's some snippets. Link to full article. Lots of fun comments in the comments section some of which don't...
  10. M

    2015 Scientology Prices

  11. CommunicatorIC

    Scientology: It’s ALL About The Money

    Scientology: It’s ALL About The Money. From Mike Rinder. Please go to Mike's blog for his analysis.
  12. C

    David Miscavige, Scientology's Cult Master, Lives a Lifestyle of the Rich & Infamous

    Here is some interesting data on how David Miscavige spends the Scientology Cults money. And I’ve read and heard other accounts of how he lives. Let’s put this in context. Here we have most Scientology Cult Members scraping and scrimping to get every possible bit of money to the Cult. Some...
  13. CommunicatorIC

    Yoav and Anete Gueron have achieved the status of Scientology Legion of Honor

    Yoav and Anete Gueron have achieved the status of Scientology Legion of Honor for the L. Ron Hubbard Hall. According to the Church of Scientology, "creation of the L. Ron Hubbard Hall is vital to swiftly bring about planetary clearing." Mike Rinder: L. Ron Hubbard Envoy Extraordinaire...
  14. CommunicatorIC

    Get a Church of Scientology Legend Jacket for only $25,000

    Get a Church of Scientology Legend Jacket for only $25,000. Mike Rinder: Valley Vulgarity * * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * * And this fine piece of 80’s disco throwback attire can be yours to proudly display as your latest status symbol for a...
  15. WhatWall

    Give to Sally Heath's Comeback?

    Sally Heath, longtime Clearwater resident and publisher of The Comm Line, Word of Mouth Directory and Who? What? Where?, has suffered some health problems over the past few years and is asking for donos to reach $15,000 on her GoFundMe page: "Sally's Come Back & Give Back Fund". From her...
  16. Sassy

    Donation vs Course Fees?

    I was thinking about seems there are many instances where someone leaving the cult will ask for a refund of money they've paid, and I've frequently read how difficult it is to get a refund. Thankfully, I've seen some people here report they were successful. At what point is your...
  17. CommunicatorIC

    Scientology refuses repayment of contributions from Declared & excommunicated member

    Scientology refuses repayment of "contributions" from Declared and excommunicated member. Please note the so-called "contributions" are were in fact advance payments for services that were never delivered nor received. Please read the below letter carefully. Doesn't the last sentence prove...
  18. Smurf

    Yet another Scilon with cancer asking for donations on GoFundMe..

    Gary has a carrier in music as a drummer & vocalist. "Gary Wattman is battling his way through blood cancer (multiple myeloma), and is making it. But his finances have been depleted in the effort. When his cancer was discovered, Gary's blood was so severely anemic that his doctor ordered him...
  19. Smurf

    Scientologists fundraising for their wedding on GoFundMe..

    Erick (de) Racedo of Nashville, TN (formerly El Cajon, CA) wants to marry Lyanna Smith, a Ukranian-born Scilon who is on staff in Burnaby, BC, Canada. They may or may hot have had a child together. Erick's mother, Susan Stuart de Racedo is on several Patrons Lists...
  20. mnql1

    Montreal Church of Scientology in financial difficulty

    Translation of a French article posted on May 6, 2015 on the website of the Montreal business newspaper Les Affaires: L'Église de scientologie de Montréal en difficultés financières
  21. degraded being

    IRS agreement with scientology.

    On Ortega's site today. Alex Gibney ‎@alexgibneyfilm Interesting post re: Scientology battle v. IRS. Why doesn't Scientology - or the IRS - release the final agreement? Volunteer Ministers ‎@VolunteerMinst...
  22. D

    Anatomy of a Refund

    This is going to be a bit of a project. I kept correspondence, notes, legal papers from our refund in 2004. I hope this helps other members who are trying to get money back. I will scan when possible. The beginning: I finished paying for my CCRD at Stevens Creek Org in the...
  23. Wulf

    Why is it WISE to court Dentists and Chiropractors?

    Any clues on this front? What makes dentists and chiropractors the preferred targets of WISE takeovers? Theories or actual policies welcome.
  24. Little David

    Travolta thrills Clearwater crowd with donation

    snip: Travolta didn't take questions from the press. His reluctance to address the media wasn't surprising, after his statements recently to the Tampa Bay Times, praising the Church of Scientology he joined nearly 40 years ago. The actor, who along with Tom Cruise give Scientology its celebrity...
  25. Intentionally Blank

    Submitted! Official IRS Complaint Form

    Submitted Form 13909. Scanned and sent via email. Text of email: Attached please find complete Form 13909 Tax-Exempt Organization Complaint (Referral) Form. Included in this email are attached documentation in the form of a police report dated 7/30/13 and a link to audio tape of...
  26. D

    Freeloader Debt - I'm not seeing much about this topic lately

    Folks, How do the 'freeloader debt' policies fit into the overall scheme of Scientology abuses today for you folks? I know I paid mine with great resentment, as my then-wife continued to want to 'progress up the bridge'. It is one of the things I did in my long involvement with Scientology...
  27. D

    I'm letting my elected representatives know about Scientology!

    Folks, With the HBO special out of the gate, here's what I just sent to my US Senators and US Congressman: ---------------------- Dear XXX, Recently broader public attention has been placed on the Scientology organization via the HBO expose. As a victim of this organization, I wonder if the...
  28. CommunicatorIC

    THIS is how to make the IRS re-examine Scientology’s tax exempt status

    THIS is how to make the IRS re-examine Scientology’s tax exempt status. Tony Ortega: If you want the IRS to re-examine Scientology’s tax exempt status, it’s time to get real...
  29. Boojuum

    Downward spiral of the COS

    David Miscavage, as the exclusive source of any high level COS decisions is the "one trick pony". With the transparency of the internet, the COS can't hide. THIS is the problem that won't go away. DM has no answer except to attack. "Attack" no longer works. "Attack" just makes you look...
  30. Smurf

    Slappy's Dad - Revoke Scientology's Tax Exempt Status

    Excellent & informative. :)