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  1. aegerprimo

    Co$ Bad Press Collection - 2015

    This is a new year of bad press for the “Church” of Scientology. 2015 starts out with a BANG which includes a documentary that will air on HBO based on the book by Pulitzer prize winning author Lawrence Wright – “Going Clear” by filmmaker Alex Gibney Oscar winning documentary director, the...
  2. aegerprimo

    Co$ Bad Press Collection - 2014

    Times sure have changed for the Co$. Major publications and mainstream media are no longer afraid to print stories about the Co$, Scientology, and its members. Those who were casually laughing at cult lunacy before are now starting to seriously take notice of its cruelty and abuses. IMHO, 2014...
  3. Ogsonofgroo

    Another Kate and Tom story, Irish style

    Irish online paper, the Independent's columnist Ruth D. Edwards takes a stab at peeling an onion. Not familiar with her writing but this is simply delicious! Sauce~...