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  1. Churchill

    Amazing audio interview with P.I.

    *MUST LISTEN TO AUDIO INTERVIEW!* This audio interview offers a rare peek behind the curtain. Folks, THIS is Scientology. This is the REAL Scientology that Miscavige and his...
  2. BunnySkull

    David Miscavige hired fake friends for his suppressive dad

    Gawker with a great headline posting a new story from the New York Daily News. Story isn't exactly new, it's a tidbit buried in the detailed police report but all the same - love to see new stories churning out on this debacle. Report: David Miscavige Also Hired Fake Friends for His...
  3. Panda Termint

    OSA Operatives: How-to Guide

    OSA Operatives: How-to Guide Several times over the last few months I’ve mentioned OSA operations as they are applied to Critics of scientology. Each time I mention it I usually get replies that add up to bluster about how inept OSA is, rejections of my comments as paranoia or variations on...