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  1. triumph

    Former Scientologist Brendan Tighe was part of Tom Cruise's security detail

    Daily Mail EXCLUSIVE: 'It's no secret that they despise each other!' Ex-security guard for Church of Scientology reveals bitter rivalry between Tom Cruise and John Travolta and how he was given 'the beating of his life' for speaking to celebs Former Scientologist Brendan Tighe was part of Tom...
  2. mnql1

    Tom Cruise in Bogota on July 4, 2015 for Church of Scientology opening

    The Colombian entertainment TV show "La Red" reports that Tom Cruise will be in Bogota on July 4 for the inauguration of a Church of Scientology. This is briefly mentioned at 1:38:09-1:40:15 in the video posted online (in Spanish). La Red, May 31, 2015 The cohost who reported Tom Cruise's...