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    Saint Hill felling trees in conservation area

    People in St Hill Green, West Sussex brand church ‘selfish and arrogant’ after 22 trees were cut down, but spokesman says more trees have been planted
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    Serge Gil - Abuse of children in scientology

    This was posted on Facebook and Serge gave me permission to cross post. Words from the heart that as many people as possible should read. Yes it's long and totally worth it. Having been both a minor and mother within scientology, I know this is true. It has to end.
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    Scientology's stalker sites!

    Wow, I think I've seen something like this before but it's worth posting again in light of the hate sites that pop up, for example the inevitable ones for people interviewed by Leah Remini. There are bound to be many more if someone wants to investigate, searching for specific exes. Marc...
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    A Christmas Eve treat: Bryan Seymour on scientology in Australia 2016

    From Tony Ortega: A Christmas Eve treat: Our man Down Under on Scientology’s antipodean troubles in 2016 Read the whole report:
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    How Tom Cruise became so hated in Hollywood

    Good overview article! Cruise's glory days are over. Read More:
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    To Speak, or Not To Speak

    Mike Rinder has a good article about speaking out on crimes witnessed in scientology.. To Speak, or Not To Speak December 17, 2016
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    How scientology takes care of their "elderlies"

    This article has complete letters and "'KRs" about the treatment of Claire Reppen and it is a hard read. The thing that is so hard for many to comprehend unless they have experienced it is the attitude that underlies the uncaring and arbitrary decisions that are made. Sickness of any kind is...
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    Where is Shelly? Leah REALLY wants to know

    I think this needs it's own thread. Go Leah! Tony Ortega has an article:
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    Merry Xmas ESMB & love to disconnected members!

    Christmas can be hard for anyone who has lost family for any reason, and a time when the unfairness and isolation caused by disconnection hits hardest amidst the media hype of happy families and sharing. I’ve noticed a few posts on another thread about it and the quiet sadness. I think the...
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    A story of Disconnection, neglect and suicide in scientology

    I'm starting this thread in this forum as overall it shows the devastation disconnection and 'scientology handling' and the fear of talking causes within familes. It's a harrowing read and there are thousands of stories with the same themes. It happened, it happens, it has to stop...
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    Mike Rinder takes on David Miscavige about attack website

    I posted a link to Mike Rinder's blog on the Leah Remini TV series thread, however I think it deserves it's own thread. Goodness knows the other person Mike spoke out with - Marty Rathbun - has enough threads about him. Watching Mike over the years it is great to see that programming falling...
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    James Packer & Mariah Carey - did Tommy Davis influence the break-up?

    I didn't find another thread on this so I will start one. Scientology doing what it does best. Tony Ortega had an article on this a while back...
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    Better Believe It: Steve Cannane on Scientology in Australia

    Even though this video has been posted on the thread about Steve Cannane's book Fair Game, this hour long interview is an overview of some of the history the book details and I would hope that anyone with an interest in what happened here will watch this, so I am posting in the Australia forum...
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    Complex Trauma: Talking, Tears and Time

    Knows posted this video in another thread, thankyou! I think it's worthy of it's own thread. This video is very interesting to me as I seem to fit like a square peg into a round hole of current categories. Not that one needs a label, its just that it helps a treating psychologist to...
  15. Axiom142

    Unilad Website Runs Feature on Scientology

    Apparently some guys from a website came down to East Grinstead recently and did some interviews. More to follow over the next few days, apparently. Axiom142
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    Athena School Sydney in the news

    Photos and video. IMO kids are indoctrinated for life and it makes me so angry. And I talk from experience. Read more:
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    Aussies - Kate Ceberano on ABC 8pm tonight Anh's Brush With Fame

    It's a half hour show where celebrities talk while their picture is painted. I wonder what she will say about her "complicated family life" as a 3rd generation scientologist.
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    A Family Torn Apart by Scientology's Disconnection Policy

    Excellent video from Brian Sheen. :clap: (I did cringe at the constant use of the word "church" though, just my thing.)
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    Helen Trachsel RIP, Melbourne

    - See more at: Most Melbournites will remember Helen, she and her husband Allen started the Pancake Parlour restaurant chain which is an institution in Melbourne. Helen was a...
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    Special Needs for Second Generation Ex-Cult Members

    Although this article doesn't specfically mention scientology, it does of course work exactly the same way. We are now up to 4th or even 5th generation scientologists, and it's a subject I hope gets a lot more discussion and attention. I know it's a problem in my family...
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    The Review of a non-scientologist for a Scientology ‘Flag World Tour’ event

    On the Underground Bunker: This really is an interesting take on the current climate for both 'public' and Sea Org people. Especially about the 'two groups' defined by age. It's a good read. Poor bastards...
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    Scientology's Aussie recruitment fortress - Sydney (Chatswood)

    This is an excellent 4 minute segment from Australian show A Current Affair about the new "Ideal Org" featuring our lovely Carla. Apparently due to open in September. Don't you love the way the media have already defined it as "a fortress"...
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    David Miscavige named a witness in Scientology trial

    From the Underground Bunker. Ha!
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    Mike Rinder - Disconnection And My Mother

    This is an old article from 2013 that I read for the first time today. And cried. It is so typical of the heartache caused by disconnection. He was only informed his mother had passed away by a brave soul who wrote and told him.
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    Twenty Things Judges Have Said About Scientology

    A nice round-up of quotable quotes! Example: [/B]
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    Suppressive Supper: I Ate Dinner At The Scientology Celebrity Center

    Funny review - it's great that mainstream media do this now. The food looks awful.
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    How scientology uses private confessions for Fair Game

    Proof that Scientology uses PC folders and private confessions to smear ex-members. This one is Ron Miscavige. (Perhaps someone could link the actual pic for me?)
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    Scientology Disconnection Caught on Camera

    Thankyou Radio Paul, this is a great video. I posted this on Facebook. You never know, maybe one of my family will actually see it.
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    WARNING - scientology may be sending phishing/malware emails re Ron Miscavige's book

    This was just posted by Jeffrey Augustine on Facebook. It looks like quite a few people have received such emails today. So if you receive an email that appears to be about scientology from someone you don't know - beware and don't click on any links! :angry:
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    Two lives caught up in Scientology’s notorious ‘Fair Game'

    A large 3 page fact and photo filled article by Tony Ortega, a must read: Spying, intimidation, and ruin: Two lives caught up in Scientology’s notorious ‘Fair Game’