1. Free to shine

    Scientology rips apart families with its ‘disconnection’ policy — but why?

    An interesting article from The Undergound Bunker on the subject that is my constant companion. Scientology rips apart families with its ‘disconnection’ policy — but why?
  2. Free to shine

    New Zealand Ideal Org opening this year?

    Mike Rinder has posted some promo about an "Ideal Org" for NZ. Lots of pics!
  3. Free to shine

    Trial about Narconon set in New York on April 7 2016 - includes documents (If there is another thread on this, please report this thread so it can be merged. There are so many cases about Narconon!)
  4. Free to shine

    Scientology disconnection rips apart another family

    I'm so glad people speak out about Disconnection, heartbreaking though it is. This article goes back over a bit of Ramana's story. From the Bunker:
  5. Free to shine

    More real estate in Florida costing $1.7M

    Church of Scientology pays $1.7M for four-story office near Florida Mall - with pics.
  6. AnonyMary

    PBS: Modern-day Milgram experiment/ Nazi's Defense of "Just Following Orders"

    This explains much about scientologists who are 'just taking orders' that result in harming others and ruining lives and families. How Nazi's Defense of "Just Following Orders" Plays Out in the Mind Scientific American > By Joshua Barajas, PBS NewsHour February 19, 2016 Modern-day Milgram...
  7. Free to shine

    Karen de la Carriere: Scientology is smearing me again

    The ongoing fair game of Karen de la Carriere: Karen comments...
  8. Free to shine

    Current Management

    Scientology management is really falling apart. Paul Burkhart, the newest defector from Scientology’s international management is telling his story on the Underground Bunker, thread here...
  9. AnonyMary

    Jan 7th Public Hearing on another Best Drug Rehab Special Use Permit

    We should be hearing soon from Michigan's Miss Fortune, reporting from her Glistening, Quivering Underbelly Blog in detail over on Reaching For The Tipping Point forum about this matter, but I just want to alert the public... This is about an another unbranded Narconon facility being proposed...
  10. Free to shine

    Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays/Good News thread.

    There are various greetings across threads, this is a chance to bring them all together. I know people who don't post anymore check in at these times and it's a good way to spread some good feelings. It would be great to hear stories of new lives and freedoms this last year, how we have coped...
  11. Free to shine

    Christmas and Disconnection

    Many of us face hard times at Christmas due to the disconnection or loss of family or friends. You can't help but be reminded of how things used to be, should be, could be if it weren't for (insert reason). For ex scientologists it is particularly due to disconnection, that brutal ripping apart...
  12. Free to shine

    Scientology ties to 'super city' in Melbourne?

    Bloody 'ell.
  13. TrevAnon

    Did Manson really say Scientology was too crazy for him?

    I'm trying to find out if Charles Manson could be added to the big list. It would be.... interesting. :biggrin: In this video Tony Ortega at 21:30 min. says Charley Manson was really in, he did approx. 150 hours of auditing...
  14. Free to shine

    Knowledge Report Film - GoFundMe for Mark Bunker

    This just came up on Facebook:
  15. kao

    20/20 Leah Remini video on youtube for those that missed it last nite.
  16. Free to shine

    Mike Rinder on OSA following Ron Miscavige

    A funny article about the current surveillance of David Miscavige's father Ron.
  17. Free to shine

    The church of sleep deprivation

    Great article by Tony Ortega.
  18. Free to shine

    An exclusive look at the Leah Remini KRs

    THE LEAH REMINI FILES: AN EXCLUSIVE LOOK AT THE ‘KRs’ THAT INFORM HER MEMOIR A must-read. Oh to think we used to do that! :biggrin...
  19. Free to shine

    Tony Ortega's book tour in Australia

    I'm starting a new thread ... there will be lots of media. Starting today! Lifting the lid on The Church of Scientology's most scathing scandals The Morning Show Published 4 hrs, 17 mins ago (11.45 min long) Interview with Tony Ortega, his first in Australia, with Bryan Seymour...
  20. Free to shine

    Tony Ortega on ACA Australia "Scientology Celebrities"

    Great segment just now on Australian TV A Current Affair. The main story was about Jim Carrey, as explained by Tony Ortega. He does it so well! They also covered Bella Cruise's wedding and Leah's upcoming book. Excellent stuff. This is the link for now, hopefully the video will be...
  21. Free to shine

    Mike Rinder and Sara Goldberg take heat from Scientologists

    From the Underground Bunker: Very impressed with Mike's speech and Sara's passion. Worth watching the whole video.
  22. Free to shine

    Scientology leader in court - Vicki Dunstan - report by Bryan Seymour

    Go Bryan and Scooter! So funny watching Vicki trying to get away with "her TRs in". :laugh: VIDEO: See also:
  23. Free to shine

    Fundamentalist Scientology and Enforced Disconnection

    This is one of the most comprehensive explanations of what scientologists have as their fundamental belief. It explains why family disconnections take place, why abuses within the organisation have little meaning. It really, really is like this ...
  24. Intelligence

    Book Release: DANTE'S EIGHTH CIRCLE Why Scientology's Narconon Must Be Stopped

    I'm exhausted, tired, and elated. Two cases of books arrived this morning by UPS to send out to people who want signed copies. Also on Amazon yesterday, but no book image or Data 'LOOK INSIDE' published yet. Could take a week ot two? Press Release (09/16/2015) - The book...
  25. Free to shine

    BBC takes on Church of Scientology in new film

    This is dated yesterday so I think it is new.... the link includes a 55 minute video I haven't watched yet.
  26. AnonyMary

    Narconon Reviews news and information updates

    To keep you all informed, I am starting this ongoing Narconon Reviews updates thread, rather than post individual threads for the many things being posted or uploaded there. Before I post some updates, I just want to explain what Narconon Reviews is and why it is important to spread the news...
  27. Free to shine

    Debbie Cook - the story behind the story

    Debbie Cook Revisited by Mike Rinder.
  28. Free to shine

    From Cradle to Slave: Nora Crest talks about Scientology and sex

    This is going to be a great video series! Love it, thanks Nora.
  29. Free to shine

    Rest in Peace Bill and Joy James ... my parents.

    I have decided to post this, even though it is very personal. Ours is not the only family. And because many people knew her. ______________________________ My mother Joy James passed away Monday night 20th July, peacefully. The 'peace' provided by morphine, because, bless her heart, she...
  30. Free to shine

    Shocking Scientology Emails Released In Kirstie Alley Lawsuit

    Oh I do love these stories. :biggrin: Thread title is from the article. ‘Blood, Sex, Crime!’ Shocking Scientology Emails Released In Kirstie Alley Lawsuit Reveal Dark Secrets Of The Church Posted on Jul 14, 2015 @ 3:59AM...