1. Lermanet_com

    Muhammad University of Islam using Study Technology - leak

    From: NOI News <[email protected]> Subject: Support MUI (Huston) Date: December 29, 2014 XXXXX CST To: DELETED Reply-To: DELETED Having trouble viewing this email? Click here NOI News In the Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful. December 17, 2014 Dear Family in...
  2. Free to shine

    Christmas and Disconnection

    I actually posted this on another thread in the Member's only area, and have decided that it warrants a more general discussion. There are thousands of people affected by disconnection and if anyone needs help at this time, here is a place to talk about it. No matter how 'right'...
  3. AnonyMary

    Kudos to Mike Laws Re: Frank Pate Federal Indictment on wire fraud charges

    Kudos to Mike Laws Re: Frank Pate Federal Indictment on wire fraud charges Tony Ortega reports today. Docs included. Kudos to Mike Laws for helping expose this con and assisting in getting it investigated by the federal government. Former Scientologist indicted in financial scheme that...
  4. AnonyMary

    Narconon Reviews: We got an interesting phone call last week…

    Someone called ethercat To listen:
  5. AnonyMary

    Kicked to the curb: Penta vs. Narconon Gulf Coast Inc. and Deborah Ross

    Read on for more and look over the lawsuit Kicked to the curb: Penta vs. Narconon Gulf Coast Inc. and Deborah Ross Rest in Peace, Domenic
  6. Natalie

    Cults, Cabernet and Codependency

    Aloha everyone! It's been awhile since I've posted anything here on the forum, though like an obsessed girlfriend I'm always checking up on you all:coolwink:. It's been almost 5 years since I started my escape from Scientology, after 35 years in as Public, Staff and Sea Org. As most of us...
  7. Albion

    Infinite Complacency: new post on academics and Scientology

    Have pulled Infinite Complacency out of hibernation for a piece on academics and how they approach Scientology, which touches on the broader question of the "cult wars" in academia. French Scientologist Eric Roux is increasingly being invited to address academic conferences to give the...
  8. Jim Little

    Jim and Meshell Little's SP Tour Video Interview From St Louis, Missouri
  9. Jim Little

    Doubt Formula - For The City of St Louis

    Hello Everyone, I have put together a wordpress blog that I hope will become popular when the City of St Louis goes looking for information on Scientology. I am also sure that the St Louis staff and public have been here looking as well. So, I would just like to say hello to them and let you...
  10. AnonyMary


    Must read for all who care about children, for all who had their kids at the Cadet org or Cadet Org Estates and for those who survived living at these places Published by Mary McConnell Scientology issue: Aides Order 203-71 of 28 August 1981 "PAC CADET ORG/CADET ESTATES ORG ESTABLISHMENT...
  11. Intelligence

    David Love Refuses To Be Bought By Narconon

    April 8, 2014: David Love refuses to sign Non Disclosure agreement with Narconon Trois-Riveres following a Quebec Human Rights Commission Resolution Decision that found Narconon in violation of numerous human rights violations and abuses at their drug rehab center in Quebec. Narconon threatened...
  12. Lermanet_com

    My hopes for the expose $cientology movement (a Q & A Chat)

    A chat: Q: Arnie - LRH Jr. says that "the same man trained Hitler as trained my Dad" (in the occult). Do you know who this was? A: I did once... forgot the name... concluded the guy came over here to US in operation paperclip... oh... it was the guy that wrote the last chapter of Mein Kampf I...
  13. Intelligence

    Narconon Argentina closed today reported by Anonymous Legal | Media Release Media Release: Narconon Argentina closed today reported by Anonymous MORE HERE: .
  14. AnonKat

    Scientology and The Business of Cult (Full Documentary)
  15. AnonKat

    L Ron Hubbard Xenu Story
  16. AnonKat

    Anonymous Berlin - 08.02.2014 [6 Years Chanology]

    Chanology works and it helps people
  17. DM_Slappface

    Helping Tom Cruise Leave Scientology (This Year) for the Sake of his Daughter

    The man who introduced me to SCN reminds me a lot of David Miscavige. We were best friends at one time (for a long time), and I can understand how hard it is for Tom Cruise to break away from DM. Tom is currently getting some space - working on his career. This is giving him the opportunity to...
  18. AnonKat

    David Mayo on Clear Mega Thread
  19. AnonyMary

    Roslyn Cohn’s one-woman show skewering Scientology! — complete! Tony O reports

    The Underground Bunker is thrilled to have the chance to premiere the video of Roslyn Cohn’s recent one-time-only, one-woman performance, “DiffiCULT to Leave.” The Underground Bunker brings you the world premiere of Roslyn Cohn's one-woman, one-time-only show telling her story in Scientology's...
  20. Nicole

    Searching for "Scientology Schools" in Europe

    I need a little bit help.... For my list of frontgroups I am searching for "Scientology Schools" in Europe. Maybe you know a few more than I do. :thankyou: I have found them: Denmark: Sonderjyllands Internationale Skole (SIS) - Bjerndrup-Abenraa, Denmark ("") Amager's...
  21. Nicole

    "New" frontgroup in Austria

    Skyhigh is a "new" Scientology recruiting "company" for businesses in Austria. skyhigh[dot]at Responsible for this frontgroup is the Scientologist Gabriela Thorwartl.
  22. AnonKat

    Ex-Scientologist story #249, “Thanks for the PORN you cowards.”
  23. L

    Why Scientology Auditing May Be Creating CANCER???

    One of the greatest benefits of auditing of course is finding blocked memories of pain & suffering, I would consider this Karma but of course LRH called these engrams. The E-Meter is a lie detector which helps to find these, which is all good, but the problem is this. JUST UNCOVERING PAST...
  24. SweetnessandLight

    New Book on Cult Busting!

    This new book looks to be a GREAT read! :thumbsup: Escape, My Lifelong War Against Cults by Paul Morantz Paul Morantz was fighting to help families free their loved ones from Synanon's abusive Cult and drug treatment program, when their hitmen put a rattlesnake, with the rattles cut off, into...
  25. Dean Blair

    The Detroit Org

    In 1973 the Detroit org moved from the suburbs to a burned out building in downtown Detroit. There was black soot on the ceilings and walls kind of like the opposite of an ideal org. The place looked like shit. It even smelled like smoke from the fire. Someone in the org got this great idea...
  26. AnonKat

    Repost after so much years makes me cry silent tears
  27. AnonKat

    CSRT, Church of Scientology Religious Trust Ownership ,Parcel Info,Property Address,Property Type,Subdivision/Condo Name,Plat Book/Page,OR...
  28. AnonKat

    Roger Boswarva Freezone 2009 october third

    Roger Boswarva explains observations and discoveries he and Alan Walter have made concerning the emotional tone scale and relationships between cause and effect. This speech was made at the 2009 Free Zone Conference held in Pasadena California on 3 Oct 2009...
  29. Emma

    Cult drops bombshell in Monique Rathbun case

    Today's date was a date that Scientology watchers would have had in their calendars. October 18th. Apart from being our wedding anniversary (Love you Tansy) it was the next hearing in the Mosey case. All I can say is WATCH THIS SPACE. Seriously. This could be the beginning of the end. For real.
  30. Type4_PTS

    Jefferson Hawkins Analysis of Hubbard's "Introduction to Scientology Ethics"

    Today at Tony Ortega's Bunker Jefferson Hawkins begins a series where he breaks down Hubbard's Ethics System. It is imo 'must reading' for every former (and current) Scientologist. And if you're still in the CoS and lurking here, what I said goes double for you. :biggrin: