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  1. Infinite

    The Independent Sea Org

    FFS! What's next with these fraudsters - a Ron's Free Indie Dependent Zone Cadet Org?
  2. C

    What was Mary Sue Hubbard's Sea Org rank?

    Mary Sue Hubbard was aboard the Sea Org ships during the 1960s and early 1970s, but does anyone know what rank she had? Or indeed if she was a Sea Org member? If she was, would that have made her the only person other than LRH who had authority in both the Guardian's Office and the Sea Org?
  3. wiseman_of_the_watchtower

    My experience in Scn and the Sea Org - video interview

    To answer a bunch of important questions about my life in Scn and the Sea Org, I met with a member of Anonymous, TorontosRoot, to record the answers in a video interview. The interview took place on 20 Sept 2018.
  4. C

    Anyone remember Jerry McDonald, Baron Berez or Doug Rambo?

    I'm currently researching a matter involving three former Sea Org members – Jerry McDonald, Baron Berez and Doug Rambo, who were all on the Apollo in 1968. I'm trying to get to the bottom of their career in Scientology. Here's what I know so far: Berez was aboard the Apollo in 1968 but was...
  5. C

    Sea Org vessel 'Asia'

    I've come across a reference in an old Scientology document to a Sea Org vessel called the Asia, which was operating in Los Angeles harbour in January 1972. It was apparently later renamed the Excalibur. Did anyone here ever serve on the Asia/Excalibur?
  6. Free to shine

    How scientology takes care of their "elderlies"

    This article has complete letters and "'KRs" about the treatment of Claire Reppen and it is a hard read. The thing that is so hard for many to comprehend unless they have experienced it is the attitude that underlies the uncaring and arbitrary decisions that are made. Sickness of any kind is...
  7. Free to shine

    The Review of a non-scientologist for a Scientology ‘Flag World Tour’ event

    On the Underground Bunker: This really is an interesting take on the current climate for both 'public' and Sea Org people. Especially about the 'two groups' defined by age. It's a good read. Poor bastards...
  8. Free to shine

    The church of sleep deprivation

    Great article by Tony Ortega.
  9. Free to shine

    ‘Growing Up in Scientology’ project launches

    ‘Growing Up in Scientology’ project launches This a subject close to my heart - I was raised in scientology from the age of 14, now 62, so it has affected me most of my life. Although there have been some terrific individual stories published, there has not been a great deal of in-depth...
  10. T

    From Dianetics to Scientology: The creation of Xenu.

    Does anyone know the timing of the creation/inclusion of Xenu? I am under the assumption that since the material is deemed dangerous and released at a later level, that it was thus created at a later date and included once he had a firm base established with Dianetics and getting to Clear...
  11. Free to shine

    There is legally no such thing as the Sea Org

    Great article from Jeffrey Augustine.
  12. A

    definitely an adventure

    Just as a preface to this story I am going to include as much detail as humanely possible without revealing my possible identity to the church (never got declared and still have family who i would rather not disconnect from). It begins as any other typical sea org story. I was introduced to...
  13. wiseman_of_the_watchtower

    Open letter to Melissa Pilon

    If I could turn back time, I would have given this letter to her. But it is too late now. I don't know where she is or what's happened to her. She was one of the few people in CLO Canada who didn't have a firm, dedicated stare in her eyes and could have been saved. Perhaps this will help...
  14. Natalie

    Cults, Cabernet and Codependency

    Aloha everyone! It's been awhile since I've posted anything here on the forum, though like an obsessed girlfriend I'm always checking up on you all:coolwink:. It's been almost 5 years since I started my escape from Scientology, after 35 years in as Public, Staff and Sea Org. As most of us...
  15. ScienceNotScientology

    How/when do you decide when to tell people you were in Scientology and/or Sea Org?

    How/when do you decide when to tell new people you were in Scientology and/or Sea Org? I work/study in a science-y field with lots of super-duper skeptics and advanced degrees, etc. Yes it was stupid of me to do that but I didn't know then the things I've studied since, and if I had I'm nearly...
  16. failboat

    Obamacare and Health Insurance for Sea Org & Staff (USA)

    Hello ESMB I normally reside at WWP. I am crossposting this OP and some posts from a thread I started over on WWP a few weeks ago. If I get enough interest and requests, I will reproduce all of the important dox/links/quotes from there over here in this thread, in subsequent posts...
  17. AnonKat

    Interview with Ex sea org member ducksoup2007
  18. AnonKat

    Aaron Saxton appreciation Thread

    I miss him so much I hope he is well I fucking miss you bro ! When I listened to this videos my mother got real upset sitting next to me at another computer
  19. aegerprimo

    The Foul Air of the Freewinds an Ex-SO Member’s Story

    This is my story of how I came to sign a billion-year contract and become exposed to blue asbestos. This account is to the best of my memory. Many years have passed; some details are as clear as they happened yesterday, many details elude me. A lot of the names I do not remember, so I...
  20. AnonKat

    60 Minutes - Inside Scientology Jenna Miscavige (2013-06-09)
  21. TG1

    Scientology Staff and Public Caste Systems

    An ESMB friend and I were talking recently about back the day when we were living in the World of Scientology. She was Sea Org, and I was public. While we were chatting, she said that when she was staff she “never liked public.” She went on to say that “... and if you think staff didn’t...
  22. R

    Good Side effects of A Sea Org Upbringing---FIRE AT WILL!

    I know I will have my head handed to me for this so before I start I want to say I am not a Hubbard Sympathizer and I know there are many more bad things in Scientology than good things. The disconnection, child labor splitting up of families etc. But here is an interesting observation: I...
  23. anon612

    Operation Sea Org Messages @ Flag

    Crossposting as requested. Original post is here: Can also be found here:
  24. AnonyMary

    AOL News- You've Got Astra Woodcraft. You've Got... Escaping Scientology.

    AOL Video - You've Got Astra Woodcraft . You've Got... Escaping Scientology. :thumbsup: Video - Former Scientology member Astra Woodcraft relives her experience serving in the organization, and tells us about why she decided to make a clean break and start ...
  25. SweetnessandLight

    Nancy Many Interview on Radio Talk Show

    Check it out, she did a great job! :thumbsup:
  26. Adam7986

    The Sea Org Code

    Oh my god you guys. I started to read this and I could hear the chinese schooling in my head. I could hear myself and the EPF saying it. Holy crap I have never realized how deeply programmed I was until just how. My head started to buzz hearing this.
  27. Roan

    Sea Org @ Orange County Ideal Org

    ...................................................... For the past few months I have been photo documenting many aspects of Scientology's transition of it's Tustin, CA., Org to their "new" Ideal Org building (almost right next store) in Santa Ana, which is the County Seat of government. As...
  28. G

    How the "No Kids In The Sea Org Policy Came About" Sheila Huber Vid 4

    My vid no. 4 is about kids in the SO and how the "no kids" policy came about. Many thanks to SS, the Chi-Anon who videotaped and edited these vids for me. Please add your own experiences, questions or comments on this subject.
  29. M

    I simply have no words

    On Friday, I sang a concert in Munich, Germany. There I met with one of my dearest friends, a former Sea Org Member, who stood by my side during all the negative fall-out that I experienced due to my association with Scientology. This woman lost her job 6 times because of her association with...
  30. AnonKat

    The Sea Org is an Illigal enterprise concieved upon a fraude