1. Miss Ellie

    Added Security @ LA CC?

    An un-named source drove by the LA CC today and noticed lots of security outside. Several dogs, very serious looking security guys. No added public moving around that he could tell. Anyone know what is up? Are they having a special appearance by the "Easter Lepus"? Maybe a real celebrity...
  2. Mest Lover

    DB to the Max in charge of SCN Security?

    More of my story. Circa 1990. Ok, so I had been working on the fitness board thing for over a year at that point. Knowing how the tests were scored, every TELEX I saw requesting me to be tested I tanked my scores more and more: IQ, Aptitude, and PSA. When it looked real important, like they...
  3. Mest Lover

    Something stupid I used to do while in.

    Odd quirkyness I used to do as the Security Chief CLO EUS. Anyway, I guess it unfolds as I was annoyed with dealing with internal bullshit crap like blowing staff members and squabbles of staff about the most inane rediculous stuff like fragrance in soap that I was expected to search private...
  4. AnonKat

    580793 Views / Scientology Security Guys

    Scientology Security Guys / 580793 Views EDIT: Please can this be reposted in Scientology related videos ?
  5. Feral

    Solo Nots security requirments

    In the light of the Rex Fowler incident I want to post the security requirements, operation and drills that a person training on Solo Nots has to go through to earn their right to audit the level. On arrival at Flag one is put through an ethics interview to ensure they are of sufficient...