1. Dave B.

    Financial Services Section...... there is some honesty here? Maybe inadvertently. :) They certainly "financialed" me out of my money. (57k) ********************************************************************************************************** los...
  2. A

    UK Ex-scientologists, a request.

    Are you a scientologist or ex-scientologist who has paid for auditing services in the UK from the church of scientology in the past 2 years? If so, do you recall or better have any record of what you paid for auditing (dare I ask, receipts)? Do you have any literature from the church of...
  3. RolandRB

    Is VAT charged for services in the UK?

    Can somebody who worked on staff at one of the UK Orgs or St. Hill say whether or not VAT was charged on services such as courses and auditing. It would be good to get this clarified. If VAT is not being charged then some questions to the tax authorities might be in order.