1. Free to shine

    From Cradle to Slave: Nora Crest talks about Scientology and sex

    This is going to be a great video series! Love it, thanks Nora.
  2. Infinite

    Tony Ortega: Scientology Sexual Histories

    .. Tony's got his hands on a bunch of DOX showing the sort of material Scientologists are required to provide to the cult . . . . . . sick L Ron Hubbard blackmail scam is sick. (Added bonus for click love - today's piece also features an update on the Garcia lawsuit)
  3. AnonKat

    The Big Fat Angry Gay Pope Apreciation Thread Love him or hate him, he stuck his neck out being his beautiful self. Scientology has nothing on him and Moxon is still trying to pull his head out of his own ass(sue me you coward)
  4. Hypnotarian

    Using Auditing Techniques in Flirting, Dating, Getting Laid, etc.

    I want to know if anyone trained in auditing (or not trained for that matter) has ever used any of their knowledge and experiences with processing to bring about a greater level of connection, intimacy, persuasion, etc. to enhance their experience flirting, dating, or getting laid, etc.. Even...