1. Miss Ellie

    Tax Return for Mr. & Mrs. DM?

    This is a stupid question but is the tax return for David public or private since he is paid by a non-profit? If public and he posts a joint return - would an address for Shelly have to be given?? If he does married but files separate returns then what address does she file from??? I was...
  2. iHateDuplicity

    Why "Where's Shelly?" is not a good campaign

    This might not increase my popularity but I wanted to toss this out there and see what thoughts people have on this. Today on Tony's blog, he brings up that Dwarf Midget is likely planning to DA (dead agent) the "Where's Shelly" campaign at the Gala by parading her in public and then sending...
  3. chanologyleaks

    Where is Shelly?

    Shelly Miscavige, a name that the Church of Scientology has been trying to hide for many years but her name has recently come out in the news due to Leah Remini’s recent exit of the sect. Shelly Miscavige is, David Miscavige’s (the current leader of the Church of Scientology) wife, however she...
  4. CommunicatorIC

    New website: Where is Shelly Miscavige?

    Where is Shelly Miscavige? Notice the url: Not a COS site. First post: Leah Remini: Where is Shelly Miscavige? .
  5. C

    Where Is Shelly? Vimeo Channel
  6. NoName

    Where's Shelly Social Media Campaign

    I propose using this latest Leah Remini flap to draw attention to the whereabouts of Shelly Miscavige. On Sunday, July 14th at Noon Greenwich Mean Time, let's storm the Bastille. Everyone get Twitter accounts (real or fake) and start tweeting to Celebrity Scientologists asking "Where's...
  7. J

    Where's Shelly? New Campaign.

    I am fed up with DM’s activities and I propose a “Where’s Shelly” campaign. It bypasses authorities because frankly they cannot be trusted. My proposal includes protests, flyers, posters, online posts etc. all to inform the dumb sheep of the CoS about the disappearance of DM’s wife because...
  8. Sindy

    A Media Public Service Announcement Re: Shelly Miscavige So Sea Org members have their own lawyers now? :giggle:
  9. Sock Puppy

    Coverage of Shelly Miscavige's Disappearance

    All the media coverage of the TomKat divorce has resulted in several media outlets picking up the story of Shelly Miscavige's "disappearance." Here's the stories that have popped up just in the last couple of days...
  10. Lulu Belle

    The Mystery of Shelly Miscavige: Missing since 2007

    And the hits just keep on comin' folks.............. :biggrin: The Mystery Of Shelly Miscavige: Wife Of Scientology Leader And Matchmaker To Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes...
  11. BunnySkull

    Shelly Miscavige being treated for cancer?

    Now take this with a grain of salt but there was an interesting comment from Matt Pesch (who I believe is Amy Scobee husband) on Marty's blog saying he heard Shelley Miscavige was being treated for cancer in Southern California. The exact post was: 8Here's the link to the comment Has any one...